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Halo 3 isn't great, it's just good. Solid.

When I was originally wanted an Xbox 360, it was unquestionable that Halo 3 would be the one of the games that I will first get. Unfortunately with a limited budget I made a plan to get the most out of my lousy dollars; I bought another game and burrowed Halo 3 from a friend. His console died during a long towel trick session despite the fact it was under supervision by his older brother.

Moving along, I got hold of the game and made a dash for my console with a cheerful smile. Popped it into the tray and started playing. After a few hours of playing session I, was disappointed. Halo 3 was my first game from the Halo franchise; I heard great things about it. My expectations were not very high, other than experiencing a truly awesome game. That didn’t happen to me.

Halo 3 is a solid shooter, it isn’t great or awesome. It’s just good. There were some stuff I had fun with it, it’s an enjoyable ride but it wasn’t the shooter I was looking for. The storyline seemed bland and boring to me, but maybe I needed to play the previous installments to get the most out of the story. Half the time I didn’t know what the bloody hell is going on or didn’t even pay much attention to what’s going on. Either way, it was a downer for me.

Speaking upon its Single Player, I didn’t quite enjoy a whole lot. I frequently ran out of ammunition firing my rounds at the foes in the game and often had to take my time trying to find a suitable weapon with decent ammo after clearing the area. I do not enjoy doing this routine very much. Nor do I like the routine of having to deal with Hunters and taking several of minutes trying to beat one down. Perhaps I didn’t have a certain strategy played out to kill them. What turned me off the single player was my own mistake; I thought Halo 3 was a gritty game. However that turns out to be not so true, at least visually.

The only real part where everything becomes instantly fun is Co-Op. Playing with a bunch of friends over on Xbox Live or right beside you just makes it awesome. That I will give credit to Halo 3, being one of the few games that allow more than one person play in a multiplayer match. That’s just pure genius; I’ll have to hand it to Bungie for that.

Multiplayer, I’m mixed about. I don’t like how it’s impossible to join a match that’s going on for a public match.  Having half the team bail out on you and that’s irreplaceable does more harm than good (depends on how much they sucked).   Only certain maps were played for certain player sizes. It made sense since some were very compact while others needed a vehicle to get around the bloody map. Most of my time went into playing custom games that were designed and made by Forge, which was more fun to me than playing competitively. 

Overall, Halo 3 is a solid shooter. But it’s not my type of tea. You might like it but I do not. It’s not a bad choice for a shooter but there are some other options, it is not the king of shooters.

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