Basketball Griffball. You Guys Have Got To Try This Madness.

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If you search for specific gamertags in the file browser, you can download files (form what I understand full functionality comes next month). The guy who made this map is called Wintergore, and there's video of it here. I played with a bunch of Giant Bombers last night and it was an illegal amount of fun. There's a lot more strategy to this than regular Griffball, and we found ourselves passing the ball a lot, doing alley-oops, and trying to run plays. At the same time though, the lower gravity and the nature of the map creates non stop chaos. Check it out, I want to see what you think of this. Personally, I like it way more than vanilla Griffball.

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I know it's only been 4 days since release but i really want 343 to implement the Action Sack playlist and Custom Forge Maps in the rotation.

I know they will do it sooner or later, it's just i'm to lazy to search through to find all the good old custom game types.

I loved Shotty Snipers, Splockets, Rocket Race, Shotgun Assault. Speedpile and Dino Blasters.

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Actionsack is where Halo's at. Slayer is fun and CTF is great but its the wacky gametypes that Halo allows that truly makes the series.

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