But who's developing?

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Did they explicitly state it was 343 Studios? 
I wonder if they will bring in any big name creative director to lead the project.

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343 has it on their site so we can assume.

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It's 343, Ryan Payton said on his twitter feed.

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I don't think they did, but  believe I saw an interview on Spike after the conference with 343 to discuss the game. 

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It's funny that "BUNGIE" used to be the thing that either preceded or closed a Halo trailer.  Now we get no mention of the studio in the trailer.

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The 343 logo was in the trailer.

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@Xander: They have their logo in the corner at the end.
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Colour me embarrassed.  I wonder how I missed this.

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I'm pretty sure it was confirmed quite a while ago that Studio 343 would be making all future Halo titles.

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It even tells you on the Halo 4 wiki page.

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343 must be a pretty big studio at this stage since they have been hiring for the last two years or more.

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This is a good thing. They might change it up this time.

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@ShaneDev: Duh, they have 343 employees.

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@Jasta said:

I'm pretty sure it was confirmed quite a while ago that Studio 343 would be making all future Halo titles.

This. It was confirmed like, last year.
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Considering MS set up 343 for the sole purpose of continuing the halo franchise, it would be pretty crazy if anyone other than 343 were developing it.

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@MattyFTM said:

Considering MS set up 343 for the sole purpose of continuing the halo franchise, it would be pretty crazy if anyone other than 343 were developing it.

This man is right

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Respawn Respawn please be Respawn!!!!!!!!

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someone on Gfaq posted this

"Halo 4 returns players to the story of the Master Chief and Cortana in the events that follow the conclusion of Halo 3. Players will experience an all new story and introduce a new roster of enemies and weapons to the Halo experience. Set against the top secret Forerunner planetoid known to ONI as Sigma 7, players will encounter a dark new foe and unravel more of the mysteries behind the forerunners and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

At the heart of Halo 4 is a stronger focus than ever before behind story telling and player choice. Players will be offered an unprecedented level of customization and a narrative experience never before seen in a first person shooter. On a technical level Halo 4 pushes the boundaries of the action genre by incorporating larger battlefields than ever before and players will experience conflicts that seamlessly span land, sea and space.

Halo 4 will expand the series trademark arsenal of weapons and vehicles beyond any other title so far. Players can expect fan favorites to return along with new additions. Halo 4 will also feature the revolutionary new Arsenal Improvisation Mechanics that allow for menu-free, creative customization of weapons and vehicles in the heat of combat. Players will take their fight to a new level by dynamically tailoring their weapons and vehicles to suit any situations or enemies."

At the moment it seems 343 are focusing on the new and improved story and weapons system (of which the new AIM mechanic is only mysteriously alluded to) but there was some video shown that fills in some of the gaps. Halo 4 is set on a Forerunner planet that has an inner and outer surface that provides two distinct styles. The outside is very industrial and features a wide range of hostile Forerunner tech and AI. The video showed space combat here. The inside of the planetoid is hollow and is sectioned off in to many tiers/bands (almost resembling Halo rings) that feature a myriad of natural environments not only resembling earth's but many other alien terrains.

The video featured combat across a multitude of environments from space to mountains, plains and oceans. Presumably, ONI had been top secretly researching the planet for some. There are UNSC forces on the planet but they look really degraded and disorganized and it was implied that they may be divided into factions and warring with each other.

At one point we see a heavily modified warthog that has had the wheels replaced two kind of anti gravity devices. At another point the Chief is clearly sprinting which possibly implies a return of armor abilities. There was no sign of the Flood or the Covenant but at the very end of the trailer the 'dark new threat' was hinted at.

The video ends with the Chief standing at a dark cave entrance and from within can be heard some menacing gurgling and grunting. Cortana says "They're coming back ... and there's a LOT more of them this time", the Master chief then readies a new weapon that looks like a cross between a rocket launcher and a Needler and it focuses on his helmet and visor and a number of strange digital effects ripple across his visor then the videos ends.

Anyway, say what you want, fake or real, it doesn't bother me, I know it's very reliable. Feel free to comment or speculate but please keep it clean.


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@tdous said:
The 343 logo was in the trailer.
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yo its me.

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I hope it's NOWHERE near Reach.  That game was fucking awful

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@Xander said:

Did they explicitly state it was 343 Studios? I wonder if they will bring in any big name creative director to lead the project.

Ms hired a dream team for 343i - this are some of the big names there:


- Scott Warner @scott_343

- Jesse Snyder - (former Call of Duty lead designer, creator of Nazi Zombies) @thejessesnyder

- Jason Behr (Metroid Prime 1/2)

- Chris Haluke (Design Lead on Killzone 3)

- Dan Callan @danjamin

- Paul Parsons @paul_par

- M.E. Chung @lizmechung

- Kevin Franklin @kevin_franklin

- Paul Ehreth (Shadowrun)

- Kendall Deacon Davis

- Jonathan Schwartz (UI Design)

- Chris King (Volition)

- Kynan Pearson (Metroid Prime series)

- Chad Armstrong - Shishka (apparently he's doing the Achievements and Terminals in CEA -yeah i wrote that around e3 time, and i can't remember where i read that)

Art and Animation:

- Ryan Payton (Metal Gear Solid 4) @ryanpayton

- Vic Deleon (Halo: Reach) @vicdeleon

- Paul Pepera (Doom 4)

- Donnie Taylor (ex-Bungie contract)

- Wei Wiharjo Chen (The Saboteur)

- Jonathan Wood (EA Tiburon)

- Johnny van Zelm (Sony Online Entertainment)

- Mike Murrill (Naughty Dog)

- Daveed Kaplan

- Will Christiansen (contract, ex-Bungie contract)

- Tim Diaz (God of War 3)

- Chris Buckley The_DrMouse (Graphic Designer)

- Neill Harrison (Rare)


- Dan Ayoub @Danayoub (Executive Producer)

- Gavin Carter (Fallout 3, TES: Oblivion) @gavinc343

- Veronica Peshterianu (The Sims 2)

- Corrinne Robinson

- Alex Cutting

- Che Chou (Forza 3) @chespace


- Joe Waters (Shadowrun)

- Matt Brown (Bioshock 2)

- Peter Kugler (Microsoft SDET)

- Zhi Min Chen (KAOS)

- Corrinne Yu (Gearbox)


- Cinematic Director: Brien Goodrich (Forza)

- Composer: Neil Davidge (Massive Attack)

- Audio Director: Sotaro Tojima (Metal Gear Solid 4)

- Schlerf @schlerf (Writer)

Kiki Wolfkill - (Turn10) Producer

Allison Stroll - (MS Publishing) Producer

David Yu - (Pseudo Interactive) - CTO

Bonnie Ross - (MS Publishing) - Group General Manager

Chris Lee - (MS Publishing) - Senior Producer

Humberto Castaneda - (MS Publishing) - Producer/Waypoint

Josh Holmes - (Propaganda Games) - Studio Creative Director

Corrinne Robinson - (McFarlane Toys) - Associate Producer

Scott Parrish - (Industrial Light + Magic) - Lead Creature Technical Director

Christopher French (Propaganda Games) - Designer

Brad Welch - (Pandemic) - Lead Designer

Ray Almaden - (EA/LMNO & Guerrilla Games) - Lead Designer

Armando Troisi - (Bioware & Propaganda) - Narrative Director

Tom French - (Pandemic) - Senior Mission Designer

Dan Ayoub - (Ubisoft & Propaganda) – Producer

Nicolas Bouvier (Sparth) - worked on Prince of Persia stuff and Rage

Tom Scholes - Worked on Guild Wars/GW2

Gabriel Garza (Robogabo) - Guys is insanely good concept designer

taken from Neogaf

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