Halo 4 has a date - Nov 6

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And that's all I really have to say now. Just saw it on my twitter feed. When I get a story or official statement I'll edit it here.

So, guys. Halo. Yeah . .

Edit: Here's the story that goes along it, from our own Alex Navarro.

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4/4/2014 - Halo 4

missed opportunity. I am disappoint.

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I'm ready for some more Halo.

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I'm into it. Let's do this! ... In several months. *cough*

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Hmm cool I guess. Kinda bummed Halo news doesn't excite me anymore, but they did over saturate 'em over the last little while.

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#6 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

Remember, remember, the sixth of November....Somebody finish that. I don't know enough about Halo to make that make sense.

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Halo 4 sounds totally crazy. Their new engine looks really solid and the multiplayer stuff they have been showing looks really amazing.

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11.7.2012, now THAT'S a missed opportunity. Super excited for this game, though.

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Same day as the elections. Think they'll delay the elections to get away from Halo?

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Sweet just around my birthday.

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