Looking for a Team Doubles Matchup - Invt only!

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#1 Posted by I3elmont (41 posts) -

Me and a buddy are looking for a team to play against, we're tired of getting two randoms during slayer matches and since Team Doubles isnt a playlist option, I'm putting the call out right now.

Add me on XBL if you and a friend want to play a 2 vs 2 match.

We can do it like this.

We can play best 2 out of 3. we will pick a map, you will pick a map, tie breaker map can either be Haven or Adrift since those are the most symmetrical

This way people who want a rematch can pull a win if we happen to beat you on "our map"

Also, no objective based game types. the maps can also be the three maps that are included on the disc but are not in circulation (i.e settler, relay and ascent)

My gamertag is


thats a capitol I as in Ivan the number "three" and the rest is just elmont


I hope i get some challenges. thanks for viewing.

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#2 Posted by big_jon (6450 posts) -

I'm not sure this is the place to look for this kind of thing, most duders on this site are not the competitive type, me being one of the more competitive here, but I don't have interest in playing scrims.

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