Has anyone heard one way or the other if this is coming to XBL?

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#1 Posted by Noct (336 posts) -

I'm just curious either way, it seems really strange to me that they have Reach for Download and not this...

I have a stack of 360s that won't read disks anymore, and I would flipping LOVE to get this on there, especially now that I know it does 3D.

Any word?

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#2 Posted by pantzing_nome (605 posts) -

It will show up eventually, Reach wasn't available to download on day one it was a while before they put it on to the marketplace.

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#3 Posted by big_jon (6433 posts) -

It will.

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#4 Posted by kindgineer (3087 posts) -

Eventually, they want to push as many retail copies as they can I'm sure.

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#5 Posted by Rotnac (1256 posts) -

It'll probably happen around when or after Halo 4 comes out.

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#6 Posted by Noct (336 posts) -

I was honestly a little surprised when I fired it up over the weekend and the game wasn't up there. What with it really being the Halo transition game into 343, they should really get it everywhere they can, long before Halo 4 comes out; it shows that company's abilities and respect for the source material.

Oh well, I'm sure you guys are right, it'll hit eventually.

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#7 Edited by big_jon (6433 posts) -

@Noct: I'll ask Davis Ellis via twitter.

When, if he responds I'll relay the message.

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