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It's still for noobs....

We all have seen the big black box that led us to experience seizures while killing the Covenant or the Flood. I’m sure most of us played it and enjoyed it or played it and said it was for noobs. We may have been arrogant enough to say, “Xbox sucks Gamecube is better” or “Xbox sucks PS2 is better.” Then the pc gamers will always say, “The pc is a superior game machine compared to all of them.” This is still true but the game Halo doesn’t lend itself to helping the pc’s superiority situation. Three years ago, Halo made the jump from Xbox to the PC. Naturally most of us wouldn’t buy it because we said, “it’s for noobs.” Three years from that launch, I finally picked up Halo for the pc and for $20 who can complain. I owned an Xbox for one year and had maybe five games for it that never really held my attention. Except Halo 2 held my ADHD at bay for at the most two days and whenever friends ever came over to play games. I sold my Xbox after a year to buy Call of Duty 2, and F.E.A.R for my pc and to have some extra spending money. Halo while it had mouth-watering visuals on the Xbox falls through on the PC because Gearbox failed to upgrade the graphics for the PC version. While not always aesthetically pleasing the game lends itself to just how far graphics have come in the years and for a game made in 2003 it still plays well. Which is what brings us to what Halo really is; a game with intense interactive game play and a engaging story that looks to bring you into a unique Sci-Fi world. Out dated graphics usually would lead someone to think that the in game sound is not up to PC standards. Well this is wrong as when the action gets intense in this one-man war the music score will rip through your speakers and command you to listen to it. Random pops and static will rip through headphones and speakers occasionally and especially when you see the “Loading…Done” in the top of the screen. With that transition, we are at the loading times for this game and it is almost none maybe five seconds at the most when loading the game from the menu screen. Loading times such as five seconds to load has been unheard of for a while with games like Battlefield 2 taking a minute or more to load. This is true for loading into multiplayer also. If you are not one who is good at console games because of the controllers used then you may find Halo multiplayer fun. On the other hand, if you are the opposite you will like it better on the Xbox. Then again, you could be like me and not like it on either one because you for some reason just can’t grasp Halo multiplayer. Even though I didn’t enjoy multiplayer over the internet I can guarantee that you will have fun if you have a LAN with some friends and smack talk a lot. Those are just my quick thoughts on this outdated game for the PC. Everyone knows the story no matter what console you play and while Gearbox didn’t do the best job bringing the game to the pc because some textures look horrible and like your grandma’s outdated 1950’s home this game is enjoyable if you have $20 to blow. The game really wasn’t optimized much so even on high end systems you will run into some performance problems. So if your waiting for christmas or just don’t have the money to buy Battlefield 2142 or a brand new game pick this up to keep you going till December 25h or 24th if you’re greedy and want to get yelled at by your wife, girlfriend, or parents. The game is enjoyable and fun and most pc gamers will like the story and very intense game play.

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