1 Flag CTF

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Last night I had 30 minutes to kill before I had to get ready for work. Just enough time to get in a few rounds of Halo.
While waiting for players, I joked with my friend how we'd probably get Elite Slayer matches, which we both hate. But we got something even worse: 1 Flag CTF.
Who the fuck picks this shit? Most likely the same people that do nothing but snipe the whole match or just fuck around in the Warthog instead of picking me up when I have the flag. On the rare occasion that my side isn't filled with complete dumbasses, capturing the flag is near impossible because there's only 1 flag, thus 1 objective of interest.
But that's not all.
Say you lose the first round, then the other team wins the next. The best you can hope for is a tie game. But what happens when you fail to capture the flag again? It goes to a fourth round, even though you've already lost. What the fuck.
So as you can see, I hate 1 Flag CTF. And as you can imagine, I was pretty pissed when the next match we played was a ONE FLAG CAPTURE THE FLAG.

Then I had to go to work.

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People that vote for objective are usually just trying to farm kills. Play with friends you know, not the dipshits that populate matchmaking.

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