Absolutely amazing fan made comic, check this out.

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This is something that I read some time ago, it was pretty much amazing in my eyes, I was gitty with excitement when I started reading it and seeing how good it was.

A Fistful of Arrows

I personally, as a Halo fan who has read all the books, aside from the two I am reading right now (Glasslands and the Forunner books) have basically put in my own mind that his is cannon, it is better than the crappy DC comics, and graphic novels that were done, and really feels true to the universe and to the Characters of Reach, I really think this guy should be hired by 343. It just shows that a smart fan is better than someone who has no knowledge of the universe prior to writing about it. I hate when I read a book, be it a Warhammer 40k novel or Halo novel that does not really seem to understand what they are actually writing about, like "The Flood".

What do you guys think? Please actually look at this if you have any interest in Halo, it is very good.

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Have you read any of the Halo comics?

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@Unknown_Pleasures: One or two, I have the first graphic novel and read one of the reach comics about John's childhood.

I thought Helljumpers, at least art wise looked good, but never really wanted to spend the money on it, I was so let down by the others it was just how I felt, Halo legends is the same sort of thing to me, a low quality cash cow, something I avoid, because I don't want the universe spoiled for me.

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