Alright well I want friends for customs games and stuff

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My gamertag is rubsnick, This is how I game. I use minimal mic. I don't like talking and when I'm gaming alone I just mute everyone. But if I know you we could talk and to team battles and what not. I prefer Rumble Pit and am very good at it. I play casually but yeah I do have Noble map pack. So yay.... I mostly want to experience custom games or have actual team mates that are not dumbasses. That's why I mostly play Rumble Pit. I am a lone wolf. But I am considerate to teams. So if you want I won't speak to you but you can give me orders and I'll follow them. You can see how I play and everything. I play for fun, so K/D doesn't matter to me, I have shit load of fun. ^^ So any takers? Just add me or post your gamertag. I kind of want to make a clan or join one. Ya know what I mean? I clan like this would be epic.

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 I never talk on a mic so you can add me if you want. I also play for fun but I am fairly good at Reach. I actually dont have the noble maps. GT: Tartarus 14     

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