Halo Reach Noble 1 Achievement Boosting

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#1 Posted by R3Qui4M (494 posts) -

So, i'm not one to support cheating, but frankly multiplayer achievements are stupid. They rely on pure chance than actually being a challenge. For people who want to get the 250 in the new DLC post your GT here. We will do the boosting this sunday at 1:00PM EST, it shouldn't take more that 30 mins for everyone to get the achievements 
GT: L3th4L T4rg3T

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#2 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

I have to buy the DLC first but I really hated the DLC achievements in Halo 3,two stopped me from getting an s-rank and one stopped me from getting the S rank in ODST, so infuriating.

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#3 Posted by Rawrz (638 posts) -

The fact that all these achievments are labeled Noble 1 got me to wondering if possibly there will be like 6 map packs for this game.

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