Just got my first Perfection medal !

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Big team battle against a team that was totally garbage, they actually were shooting each other a bit for some reason, probably squabbling over weapons. It was on Hemorrhage. Our team was really dumb too, I went for the Wrath, but after 60 seconds no one picked up the sniper so I switched. Got 16 kills with it, never died. I got the final kill #75 to get my perfection, for some reason I got a kill without using the sniper. I may have DMRed a guy. Still feels pretty sweet to finally get one. I only had one in Halo 3, and I ended up hiding in the base after getting 15 just so I didn't get killed. 

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Nice work, even if it sounds like you had a few jackasses in the game. I remember watching my brother getting 15 kills with no deaths only to die right before the end of the match, he was so bummed out.

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@Gamer_152:  Yeah, but generally you won't get perfection against experts. Unless your playing a really douche game of holding the sniper and just taking easy cheap shots. I don't play like that.
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Don't have one yet and (just checked) only have one in Halo 3.  Wow.
I believe if there is a host change in the middle of a match it spoils your perfection, similar to how it resets your current kill streak.  So, you need to be fortunate enough to not have host quit on you during your perfect run as well.  I don't think I've had a perfection spoiled in reach this way, but I have had a handful of running riot (or better) streaks dumbed down to a killing frenzy + killing streak.  Grrrr

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Snipers is the easiest playlist to earn a Perfection. Everyone is camping, so it's easy to sit back and pick off 15 dudes hiding in the trees. That, and a lot of players are not able to hit faces on their first shot.

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I earned mine actually by running around and at my 11th kill I was like 'oh damn I haven't died yet!' so I took a backseat and didn't charge so much for the last kills and the rest of the match ^_^.

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Just earned my first!  Slayer Pro on Rumble Pit.  Picked up a shotty after my first kill (a melee) and ran off 24 straight kills with it!  Ran for more ammo in the middle of the spree, of course.  I've had a fascination with going for shotgun sprees lately.

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#8 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1607 posts) -
@wubb:  nice! I never play rumble pit, I'm too addicted to Big team battle. My ratio for BTB is 3.3. I always sprint to the wraith. I have gotten 2 rampages that way.  My K/D ratio in the wraith is 12.35. It's now my third most used weapon in the game!
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I only got one in Halo 3 during a very tough and tense big team battle but I almost got one in Reach during a regular slayer game. I seem to get closer to it in Reach when I try. 

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@Jack_Daniels:  Heh, pretty sweet.  I don't do much in the tanks partly because I don't feel like joining the mad rush to the tank at the beginning of every match, but I do hop in one if I notice it respawned and nobody is already running towards it.  I like trying to take down a tank on foot or rushing in on a ghost/mongoose to attempt to hijack or plant a grenade.  Usually doesn't work, feels great when it does.
Also I play mostly Rumble Pit... so no tanks.  Looks like I play about 60% Rumble Pit, 20% Big Team Battle, and 20% other.  I like playing Team Objective, but it usually has the lowest population and that makes for long wait times.
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@wubb:  You get really good at rumble pit I bet. I have the BTB maps practically memorized as to item location, choke points, etc. I probably wouldn't do that well in Rumble pit as I don't have a system down for procuring weapons.
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I have possible the biggest nerd boner right now.
Game page

Just went 27-0 in BTB on boneyard, hogged the sniper and rockets, worked well (plus after about 8 minutes 3 of their guys left so it was 4v3) .
Oh, and the host migrated as Snoopy something betrayed me (shot me and naded me, guess he wanted the sniper) so I booted him. Didn't affect the perfection..
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That's interesting.  I had heard that a host change FUBARs a perfection.  Good to hear that is not the case.
If you look at your medals on that game, you have the Perfection, but no Running Riot (due to the host change.)  I imagine it is truly rare to earn a Perfection without getting at least a Running Riot.  
Bummer that you were screwed out of the Running Riot, Rampage, and Invincible medals, but that is a very enlightening game history.  I'm going to bookmark it.  :-D
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@wubb: I've had one perfection taken away by a host change, sucks. 
I just went 43-2 on BTB Breakpoint.  I was thinking about sitting back at 25 kills but we were losing badly.   

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 I kind of pulled the team there didn't I?  Had to play it fast and crazy after being 27-0, and we still lost by 7. 
Would've been Perfection #5...I need to find some more Halo: Reach regulars.

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