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#1 Posted by left4doof (318 posts) -

Im trying to s rank reach and I'm missing one cheevo but stockpile is nowhere to be found help would be appreciated

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#2 Posted by Sitoxity (559 posts) -

Pretty sure it's in all of the "Objective" hoppers, but with Bungie.nets redesign I can't actually find the list of them atm. Just keep playing in Objective games, probably more likely on the Premium ones too.

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#3 Posted by SamFo (1658 posts) -

Big Team Battle and Team Swat. GOOD LUCK!

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#4 Posted by Zacagawea (1678 posts) -

Yeah it's in Team Swat. That is the last chevo I need too and have been working at it for a while.

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#5 Posted by big_jon (6433 posts) -

I was lucky, I got it first day.

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