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A Child of Two Worlds 2

When considering Ensemble Studios' Real-Time Strategy game Halo Wars, there are two different ways to look at it. You can approach Halo Wars as a Halo fan, or you can approach it as a real-time strategy fan. The angle from which you approach the product is incredibly important, as Halo fans will love Halo Wars, while RTS fans will likely find it lacking. Of course, to truly enjoy the game, some element of both is required, but Halo enthusiasts will undoubtedly derive more pleasure from the exp...

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Designed for Halo fans, who haven’t played lots of PC’s RTS games 2

Halo Wars is a benchmark in gaming: it finally brings a real time strategy game genre to consoles in a successful way. Trade-off is that everything is simplified and streamlined. But remember this: it’s Halo and it works just as good as other Halo games before it. STORY AND SETTING Story takes place 20 years prior to first Halo game and 5 years after the human-covenant war began. In a distant colony planet Harvest the Covenant has found an ancient Forerunner technology and they are seeking some...

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An RTS on a console done right that would make Halo fans proud. 6

When Halo: Combat Evolved was in development it was originally a real-time strategy game for the Mac before Microsoft acquired Bungie Studios. The game (and eventually the series) became a first-person shooter but the original idea had remained dormant, until now. A more than competent developer has taken the Halo reigns into new territory, and a more than competent addition to the Halo series has emerged.The CG cutscenes in the campaign have excellent production valueThe Halo Wars story follows...

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An excellent introduction to the RTS genre 0

  Title: Halo Wars Genre: RTS (real-time strategy) Developer : Ensemble Studios Platform: Xbox 360 Rating: M (Mature) Product Link: 360/dp/B001F6KSDM/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1237081771&sr=8-1 Website: Source Link: Despite being considered a pillar of PC gaming, the RTS genre has always struggled to establish itself on console platforms. After decades of lack...

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Yeah Halo is in the title. 0

My impressions so far on Halo Wars is mixed. On the one hand I love Halo and they could sucker me in on just about anything with that name on it and I will give it a try. I have played thru about 6 of the missions so far and my favorite parts are the cut scenes which add to the earlier Halo story. As for the bad I think I have confirmed to myself I just really don’t like RTS very much. Oh I get a kick out of seeing the UNSC units, especially the Spartans, running around beating on tanks and wart...

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My Halo Wars Review 1

I decided to pick up Halo Wars, especially since it is an RTS and I like a new RTS from time to time. I am not a huge Halo fan but here it can easily be ignored. If you do not know if it has a story to it or not, it does when playing campaign mode and so far it seems to be great as well as they did a great job with the videos. From what I understand it takes 20 years before Master Chief. After putting about 5 hours into it already and nearly done with ACT 2. I decided to take a break and write a...

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Halo Wars Review 0

Note: This was also written for a school newspaper, a.k.a. for the wrong audience. I'll get right on top of the proper rhetorical strategies when I start writing reviews specifically to put on GiantBomb, but this all I have for now... didn't want to see all the work go to waste.Now, this may come off a bit biased because I am to HALO fans what HALO fans are to normal people. This HALO game, though, is not so much about Master Chief unloading justice into a xenophobic alien species conglomerate a...

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Lackluster has never been more amazing 0

If Halo Wars came out for the PC the laughing still wouldn't have stopped quite yet. You could still hear the chuckles in households and apartments from gamers everywhere. But of course it was built up and produced just mainly for the 360 and that is something you must keep in mind while you're playing through. So when you learn the controls, see the graphics, and play through the campaign, multiplayer, and any other mode just keep saying that to yourself. And finally when you finish it and your...

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Halo Wars unbias review 0

5/5 stars while those looking for some hardcore PC like console RTS should look elsewhere, for those like me who are Halo fans but dont get to play a lot of RTS games because of console's limited control scheme, look no further because Ensemble may have just mastered it.the good-*stays well within the Halo universe and is a well earned entry in the series*the best control scheme on a console RTS to date*graphics are highly detailed and beautiful*skirmish for those loners and multiplayer for Halo...

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Halo as an RTS. Does it work? 0

As a huge fan of Halo and the Real-Time Strategy genre I was thrilled to hear about Halo Wars, so after playing and beating the game I decided to give my lowdown of it.Story - 4/5Unless you're a huge fan of Halo and are fully aware of the backstory and pay alot of attention to the other games - the Story in Halo Wars I personally find - isn't exactly engrossing as I was itching to get into the fight and skipped some of the story leaving me somewhat bewildered towards the end.Visuals - 4/5The cin...

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More "Halo" than "RTS" 0

It's always nice to see an IP as popular as Halo branch out and try something different- in this case via Halo Wars. It only helps matters that a team as qualified as Ensemble Studios was willing to take up the task, and they bring their usual level of quality to the table. At the same time, Halo Wars is a bit more "Halo" than "RTS", the result of which is a generically entertaining strategy game that is shadowed by a handful of shallow design elements, and may only appeal to a limited fan base ...

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Halo returns in RTS form 0

From the developers of the Age of Empires series comes a console exclusive RTS (real-time strategy) set in the Halo universe. Instead of running around as the Master Chief you will control squads of different unit types from your airborne view fending off the Covenant during the campaign. You’ll also have the option of controlling the covenant, but only when playing skirmish or online. There is no Covenant campaign which is a little disappointing. The story is set 20 years before the events of...

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Look at me mom! Its Halo topdown! 0

So this game is smooth. From the crazy good looking cut-scenes, to the exciting score and yes, even the controls are smooth.Ive never been a big fan of the Halo franchise. Though i have played the games and experienced big humiliations online, the game just never appealed that much to me. On top of that, my RTS skills are somewhat lacking, so my expectations were not THAT high. But Ensemble Studios have actually made a game thats appealing - even to people like myself. I was really surprised by ...

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Halo Wars Review 0

Halo Wars is Microsoft's attempt into the RTS (Real Time Strategy) realm, using the abundance of the Halo Universe to help get gamers motivated to give this game a try. This game takes place before the FPS (First Person Shooter) Halo starts. You will be commanding units, building bases, destroying Covenant, and trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious activities of said Covenant. Graphically you're looking at a game that looks like you took most of the Halo models and zoomed out. So you're ...

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 0

A fact that most people don't know that the highly praised Halo series was once perceived as a RTS game, building of the success of Myth, Bungie's previous RTS. That slowly changed to a Third person and then into the FPS we all know and love. So, it is surprising to see Halo return to its roots. If Halo changed from a RTS to a FPS, why go back to being a RTS? Eyebrows were raised. Didn't help that Halo Wars was not being developed by Bungie, instead by veteran RTS Developer Ensemble Studios. So ...

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Strategy Lite, but still not bad on its own merits 0

Halo Wars is a great game, and a fantastic addition to the Halo Universe, but if you do not have Xbox Live, its appeal is limited. The campaign is very good. It provides a variety of missions, and a very good storyline supported by great cutscenes. It does not do a great job of sucking you into the story, but for an RTS game, it is better than adequate. The campaign is short, but it is supported by the addition of skulls to find and very difficult upper difficulties. For single-player only pla...

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Commanding Spartans is almost as fun as playing as them 0

 Keep in mind that Halo Wars is the first rts I've ever played(go on, call me a noob), so my standards for the game were based on the same standards I have for all games. Be fun and give me reason to play after the initial first run.I beat the campaign and for the most part it's pretty good. What I liked most about it is that most of the missions have you doing pretty different things. Almost none of the missions feel similar. Halo Wars probably has the most varied single player experience I've ...

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It Was Good 0

Halo Wars, the title says it all, it takes place in the Halo Universe, and your in the UNSC V. Covenant Wars. I really liked this game. the missions were perfect the skulls were hard to get, and the gameplay was really esay. One thing i didn't like is the fact that online play sucks, it is too boring to even attempt to try, boring, lame, dumb, all words used to describe online play. Don't buy this game, rent it to see the story, but don't buy it its not worth it...

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ok.... 0

   The add-on, in my opinion, is a waist of money. it isnt terrible but if the price was slashed in half i would give it a better review. it just isnt any more entertaining than the rest of the game. but at the same time i didnt care for the game in itself. If you enoyed the game then you might want to try it out. but if you are tight on money and thought the game was ok, id advise you to pass on this....

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Strategic? 0

When this DLC originally came out it was mediocre at best, and now it is hardly worth having. The three new game-types are fun at first but the games always seem to devolve into the standard game of destroying the opponents bases.  While the DLC has been out for some time I can't use that against (there are hardly any players in the new playlists for multiplayer). However, the Strategic Options Down Loadable Add On is not worth the money unless you have friends that have it and you love you some...

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Halo to you Halo Wars! 0

Halo Wars is not Halo! Just kidding, it's Halo expanded universe with a touch of simplicity. What is Halo Wars? as you have probably read elsewhere, Halo Wars is a Real-Time-Strategy game or RTS as it is known in the business and plays on the lore and expanded universe of the Halo FPS games released on the Xbox and Xbox 360. So, is it fair to compare Halo Wars to Halo 1, 2 and 3- no. Why? because they are different kind of games and only share the style and look, that is all. Halo Wars controls ...

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Halo War-ing 0

I’ve never been one to hunker down and play a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. Mostly because I enjoy actually playing video games and I’m also not allergic to natural sunlight. But I’m a huge tool who enjoys the Halo series, and I may or may not become giddy when I see Spartans on the cover of a game. Those fuckers piqued my interest, hooked me and opened my goddamned wallet. I’m such a loser.I am a very stupid individual. This comes from years of playing videogames, I imagine. This is one of the...

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Halo Wars Review 0

Halo wars, after details of the game was released people wondered if the “halo title” would revolutionize the console real time strategy. After playing the game I can say it doesn’t revolutionize a lot but it does prove that RTS can be done on the console.When you buy halo wars (if you decide to) don’t expect a deep complicated RTS like starcraft, its easy and accessible to pick up. Ensemble defiantly took a long time thinking out the controls because it’s impossible to complain, there was not o...

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Halo wars only average nothing better 0

This is the only strategic game I have played and it's not so much a disappointment then it is frustrating. The gameplay still needs work on the limitation of population and vehicles also to include how annoying it is to get use to the controls. The visuals are a big step up in the Halo series and how much controversy there was with  Bungies 2007 Halo 3 expected to have great visuals and turned out to be average. But Halo wars brings The Halo genre a new meaning of great graphics. The story itse...

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Halo Wars is a good starter into the RTS genre. 0

Pretty short game cuz it ended just when the game was getting good. I had played through all the Act 1 missions in Heroic mode without any major problems. But the Act II missions in Heroic were pretty hard. I decided to give up and dial it back down to Normal so I can finish the campaign and enjoy the story. The game was enjoyable although quite simple for a RTS veteran like myself. The controls were incredibly easy to work with and I kinda liked them. I wish choosing a small portion of your un...

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Simplicity the Game! 0

Halo Wars is a great idea, get the rich universe of the Halo francise and give it a classic RTS remix. For the most part it works out great, the battles are quick, intense, and the controls hold up the entire way through. Unfortunately the more time you spend with Halo Wars the more you realize how little there is to enjoy.  The campaign lasts 15 missions, covering a wide variety of RTS play styles and unique objectives to accomplish.  Despite that the campaign isn't all that interesting and, b...

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The Definitive Console RTS 0

Ensemble Studios is a name known throughout the entire video game industry for their expertise at crafting fantastic RTS experiences such as the Age of Empires series and Age of Mythology.  Unfortunately, however, the studio has been closed, but it went down fighting.  Halo Wars is a huge success and a worthy last hurrah for the storied studio.   When I first saw the game, I was a bit skeptical of its graphics.  They didn’t look very polished and looked a little cartoony but they fixed that for ...

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Halo Wars - Review 0

Let me start by saying that Halo Wars is not your typical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. When I say typical I mean slow paced, complex and massive battles that you have come to expect from such a game.Halo Wars is all about small but highly entertaining levels jam packed with interesting objectives and firefights. It is a shame that this is the last we will see of Ensemble Studios since they have packed up shop a few months ago. It is also a shame as they have created a very entertaining and app...

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Halo Wars Review: Can an RTS work on 360? 0

When a franchise dips its toes in an unfamiliar genre, the result is seldom pretty. When Command & Conquer, the unstoppable titan of Real-time-strategy (RTS) ventured in to the world of First Person shooters (FPS) in 2002 with Renegade it was buried by brutal reviews, now the vaunted FPS world of Halo makes its debut in the land of RTS. A risky move, made even riskier by the poor track record of RTS on console (the woeful Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 comes to mind). With the...

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Halo and RTS fans Rejoice 0

Halo Wars takes us back to the days when the Mac actually had a worthwhile exclusive but fast forward more than ten years and we end up with a controller in our hands which happens to be made by Microsoft.  Because of the long…wait?... Halo Wars has a lot to live up to, having the Halo name and being an RTS on a console. Halo Wars is set 20 years before the first Halo game and while it makes references to events mentioned in the games and books, this game has a story all its own.  The game lets ...

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