What would you want out of Halo 6?

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No announcements are made of it, but I just wanted to gather what would make people excited about another Halo game. It seems that while 343i does an admirable job with the series starting with four, or the Halo: CE Anniversary (at least in my opinion), many lost interest after Bungie left, and it felt like it plummeted with five. Maybe that excitement for the series won't come back for a lot of people, but what could Halo 6 do to make you love that game? I won't go into too much detail about my history with Halo, but I'll just say that I was an immature kid and disliked or at least felt very conflicted about the Halo games when I was younger, and it wasn't until a little before Halo 3: ODST that I became very enthusiastic about it despite still enjoying them prior to that even. When 343i took the mantle, I still really liked their games. Four was just as good as the others despite it being very focused on giving a story that feels like it wanted you to dig deeper into the lore outside of the games, and I also thought Halo 5 was great (although if I had to choose, it's my least favorite).

Now, as someone that has enjoyed the multiplayer in Halo games but mainly likes them for the campaign, I only have any thoughts on what they could do with that portion of it. I really only have two or three things. If they stick close to what they did with Halo 5 in the sequel by giving you a squad, I would hope that they flesh those characters out more and give them more of a personality. As an example, I really liked Buck in ODST, but he felt very flat in five. The squad felt very much like all they cared about was the mission and no dialogue could be spared on anything else: very little levity. Another thing would be to stick with just the Master Chief and have a character like Locke just pop up through cutscenes, or heck even as a squadmate. Lastly, though I actually enjoy playing on my own more, adding in couch co-op would be nice. I think that's a huge factor in why a lot of people were disappointed in five and I would definitely play it that way too. It's always fun to be excited about Halo with another when there's good co-op. That said, I think the co-op is already a must for 343i.

So, yeah I don't ask for much. I'd have to replay Halo 5 to say what I'd rather they didn't do that, that game did since as mentioned, although I still thought five was great, it wasn't up to the typical Halo standards in some ways. I think the reasons I mentioned are mainly why I felt Halo 5 fell short. That said, Halo 5 did have some nice improvements, like being able to dodge out of the way which was very helpful for the boss fights on Legendary. I'm not sure I'm going to do it, but thinking about Halo makes me want to replay the games. I wish they put Reach on the MCC (as opposed to just backward compatible). Anyways, what about you guys? Plus, are you still (or have you ever been for that matter) a fan of Halo? What're your thoughts on the series now?

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H5 like 4 prior just isn't fun anymore it takes itself so serious which I can't stand. I also have no idea what happened in the past two games, a story that stand on its own would be terrific.

The Chief is a dower straight forward character with Cortana whimsical nature being a good foil, for me the pair are Halo and with Cortana being mad/villian its not a very exciting prospect and I hate fighting the Forerunners.

The MP launched half baked missing alot of gametypes and forge, none of the maps are distinctly memorable and I don't enjoy the added mobility.

H6 has a big mountain to climb and I have little faith 343i will get anywhere I've disliked nearly every decision they've made, popularity wise Halo is currently at its lowest ever point.

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I am no halo fan by any sense of the word, but i played all the games and Reach was the last one i thought was good. i think 343 over the last two games are trying too hard to not be standing in bungie's shoes that they have made games that aren't that fun to play and not that interesting to be part of. I wish they would put halo to bed ( i know MS would never let that happen) and do something new.

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I burned out after 4. The power of the first HALO was the mystery of the HALO it self to be honest. I don't know if they can get that feeling back maybe it's for the best to putt HALO on hold and try something new ? Or Erase those weird robot things and introduce the flood back ? maybe with the latest tech advancement they could make maps interesting and introduce ever changing maps that are being transformed by the flood just some dumb idea that came to mind. They got the money, but there playing it way to safe to get new people into HALO.

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@soulcake: I think the idea of making the environment more about discovery and mystery is a great idea. I take it you didn't like it, but four seemed to be trying to do a similar thing by putting you in a place that is unknown to the characters and player. I personally really like the Halo settings, but to dig even deeper with it would be great. And I wouldn't mind more flood, though a flood designed stage architecturally (as in, all that vine-y organic matter stuff that was in three) doesn't really appeal to me too much.

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I really enjoy 5's multiplayer and campaign. I'd like to see them back away from the Warzone portion of the game. Not that it isn't fun, but I found that the people were most vocally "for" Warzone - didn't actually spend much time playing Warzone. It's a nice thing to have for less competitive play, but with no split-screen support I found it kinda uninteresting. And split-screen support, Halo needs split-screen - as silly as that sounds.

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I'd rather have ODST2, but if Halo 6 went for a unique vibe like that; took a risk with how the storytelling is done; really pushed for a more delicate study of what being an icon for humanity means -- good or bad -- I'd be into it. So far these guys are great at the mechanics of Halo, but create soulless game worlds. I want them to really go for something.

It'd be cool if John 117 wasn't just a tenacious spartan, but a concept again. Not just a lab-grown killing machine, not one-of-a-kind, even, but a holotype. A template that never dies. A timeless avatar of hope. Maybe there have been ten different 117s already, who knows. Not necessarily in a big, shocking, M. Night twist kind of way, there are smarter methods of weaving a sort of mythical tapestry into the Halo universe, like Combat Evolved did so well, and ODST with its evocative music and unusual storytelling.

I just want it to be weird and unique again. The original game's main sci-fi influence, Ringworld, inspired them to create the intriguing, magical, colourful, and rich world they did. 4 and 5 just weren't those things. They're more like inflated approximations, to me.

So yeah, more mystery; more weird; more vision; more substance in its style. Not in a cold, serious way, that would be annoying; that's why I love CE and ODST. They've got character and light-hearted moments as well as intrigue.

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Simplicity, mystery and exploration.

The last few Halo games have been chasing that Michael Bay blockbuster feel with constant explosions and huge set pieces. What I'd rather want is a return to the sense of solitude of the first two games. I'm glad to see that a lot of folks in this thread seem to agree, that Halo should return to this exploration focused and slower paced thing.

I think that the difference between the trailers for Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 5 clearly indicate how the tone of the games has changed.

EDIT: Oh, and bring back split-screen co-op for crying out loud! I know they've pretty much promised as much already, but with this feature lacking Halo 5 was pretty forgettable among my friend group.

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1. The whole appeal of Halo is that you're a one-man army. That's the reason they made Spartans. I don't want to bust in with a group of 4. I want to single-handedly take down an entire fleet by myself.

2. Music. The music needs to be a combo of 3 and ODST.

3. Co-op modes against AI combatants. I've always loved these game modes, especially if you can solo them. Reach was fantastic in this regard.

All this being said, though - the main reason I went to Halo is because of how fantastic it handled for a console shooter. Now that Destiny 1 and 2 exist, I don't really know how Halo can keep up in that regard.

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I don’t know...I loved Bungie’s Halo games and actually think that the scope and feel of Destiny pales in comparison to the vehicle battles and walker fights in Halo 3. Bungie has yet to recapture the magic of those fights, or that of the storytelling in ODST or Reach.

Bungie’s Halo games are some of my all-time favorites. They got me back into games after only messing with them casually as a teenager

As for 343...Halo 4 & 5 are my least favorite Halo games, by a good measure. They’re fine, and I’ll play Halo 6, but the magic isn’t there.

They’re much better looking games, but I want to say that the persistence of the old Bungie games is gone, probably as a cost to serving a prettier game. In the original run of Halo games, it was amazing that you could run back to the begining of some huge level and find a weapon an enemy dropped. It made the world feel more real, and the sandbox more meaningful. It’s a small thing, but it’s an example of the TLC that’s been lost.

I hope it’s fun and not saddled with microtransactions (it’ll probably be fun enough, it’ll certainly have microtransactions).

I did enjoy that firefight mode in Halo 5 with 8 players (16 players?). I just don’t have anyone in my circle that enjoys it, so...that’s that. I guess I’d like to see that come back, minus consumable cards. That and finding the warthog for the first time were my favorite parts of Halo 5.

Oh, and screw that boss guy you keep fighting. Awful mechanics. While we’re at it, can’t all the promethean robots be killed off in some prequel comic so I never have to fight one again...or use their weapons. I’m really not into the newer enemies at all.

EDIT: You know, screw it. I’d more happily buy Halo 1-3 with ODST and Reach all 4k/HDR’r up. That’s what I want out of Halo 6.

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@deanoxd: I’m a huge Halo fan and I completely agree. Reach was the last time Halo was special.

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They're brining Halo (back) to PC, soooo I'm kind of excited I suppose. From a PC perspective:

  • I hope to have good PC performance. Based on Gears of War 4, I have faith in MS/343 making a good PC product.
  • Tweak to AI, Difficulty, and Aim Assist to adjust for KB+M
  • Co-Op crossplay so I can play with my Xbox friends (though this may compete with my second bullet point)
  • Optional crossplay PvP servers (like what GoW 4 did)
  • Mod support

From a more general Halo standpoint:

  • An epic pistol. Seems like they always flip-flop on their stance with the hand cannon. Everyone loves the OG pistol so just keep that in the game.
  • Cosmetics for whatever microtransactions you feel inclined to include (let's be honest..it's gonna have them)
  • And finally...NO. FUCKING. CARD SYSTEM. PLEASE! No one likes cards. It makes no sense, and yet developers/publishers insist on cards being the 'thing' that we use to upgrade our characters.
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Long time Halo fan, CE basically started my video game journey, and I really liked Halo 4 and Halo 5 even more.

There is no doubt 343 has gotten very good at the mp development and Warzone is a total blast without being so competitive, so 343, please bring all that stuff back.

I think a more exploratory rpg-lite campaign in H6 with Chief and a follower maybe(make one or two AI actually smart). Some new discoveries and clues to some new mystery, some new alien race affecting the Halos or the future of our galaxy...sci-fi central it. Remember that early lvl in 5 on the semi-deserted floating space ship? Shit like that with uncertainty and intrigue. Personally, I for one wouldn't mind some progression/loot stuff thrown in: gear, weapons, skills etc. I want big, beautiful diverse environments using all that 1X power, surprising encounters, both friend and foe, story twists..........gameplay designed around great story and character development. More personal introspection from MC too, revealing his soul a bit through memories of his youth would be fascinating.

Another great Marty O'Donnell score would be epic.

I really hope something's announced about Halo 6 at E3 this year. It seems it's about time to reveal what Halo 6 is.

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As a die hard Halo fan back when it was relevant...not much.

Maybe if they were able to capture the essence of the universe with another side story like Reach or ODST, or if they were to somehow morph Master Chief from boring player avatar into an actual character BJ Blazkowicz style. Story wise, I was always far more interested in looking to the past with the Forerunners and the Covenant's relationship with the ancient race than I was about the all the new turns they took with Promethians and Cortana's rampancy.

Either way, the sad thing is I kinda don't care. I assume everything Halo going forward just won't have the soul of the thing I used to love.

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I want 343 to bake the lore and mythology back into the games. It's the part of Halo that I treasure the most, but I also find it unfair that the recent games have woven incomplete narrative tapestries by relying too much on content that exists only in the books/short films/etc.

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I would like the following to be in Halo: Infinite.

  • 1. Focus story more on Master Chief, have Locke as a side character to play as, (like for Player 2).
  • 2. Bring back the elites in multiplayer.
  • 3. Have armor unlockable from campaign missions and achievements, not in rec packs. Have rec packs for weapons and vehicles in Matchmaking, Warzone and Firefight gameplay.
  • 4. Bring back more classic maps for multiplayer. As well as classic Halo songs from the older games (remastered of course).
  • 5. Bring back Falcons or Hornets.
  • 6. Make armor more customizable for the players, not just a helmet, body piece and visors.
  • 7. Have forge be user friendly, with easier controls and bring back the classic custom games, (like VIP and Juggernaut).
  • 8. Most importantly, DON'T make micro transactions!!!
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@blacknend: Ugh...I really hope they abandon the whole rec pack thing entirely for multiplayer. I liked the mechanics in Halo 5 multiplayer a lot, but ultimately everything that was wrapped around the MP was just a confusing mess in my opinion and ultimately drove me away from really ever getting into it. I dig that they're trying to shake things up and add something new and interesting to an online shooter in 2018, but I don't like the rec pack system at all. :|

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A PC version.

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@big_denim: I agree with your opinion, I was just saying, if they ARE going to keep the rec pack system, use it for just the weapons and vehicles. I don't want to have to open random packs to get the armor and visors I want for my spartan.

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Don't care that it is getting overplayed at this point, I want Halo Battle Royale.

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For it to be on PC, along with the rest of the Master Chief Collection.

I can't play shooters with a controller anymore...

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