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This well-dressed and gallant demon bird is a mighty Earl of Hell. Also known as Malthas (sometimes leading to confusion between him and Malphas) he can also teleport soldiers to any location and can build towers and fill them with ammunition in the wink of an eye.

In Shin Megami Tensei

In Strange Journey, Halphas hangs around in one of the upper floors of Mithras' tower in Bootes. Being the consummate sportsman, he invites the protagonist to participate in a hunt for Mamedanuki which are skulking around the tower. Halphas' challenge is that the protagonist must bring back more Mamedanuki skins than Halphas himself can capture in one cycle of the moon; he counts a tie as a loss on his part, as he says he is a perfectionist. If the player is successful, Halphas awards the player with a UMA Ball (i.e., testicle), which can be taken to the lab and processed into a Demonica app that allows fusion of UMA race demons.

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