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    Haman Karn

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    Haman Karn is the leader of Axis Zeon (later known as Neo Zeon) in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and is the main antagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. She manipulates the Titans and AEUG before attempting to conquer the Earth Sphere.

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    Haman is a figure from Gundam's Universal Century timeline.  As the regent of the young Mineva Lao Zabi, Haman is effectively the leader of the Zeon remnants based in the asteroid fortress Axis. She uses the civil war between the Titans-controlled Earth Federation and the Anti-Earth Union Group to her advantage, aligning with both factions before allowing them to destroy each other in the Battle of Gryps. In that final battle, she personally duels Char Aznable, a man who she had deep feelings for and (unsuccessfully) attempts to convince to rejoin her side several times. Haman easily defeats Char, who is not seen again until long after her death.
    With the Titans driven out of existence and both the Federation and AEUG in shambles, Haman attempts to conquer the Earth Sphere. However, what was proving to be an easy victory is ruined thanks to a revolt headed by Glemy Toto. As Neo Zeon fights among itself, the AEUG uses the opportunity to destroy both factions. Haman and young Newtype Judau Ashta duel to a stalemate, but she commits suicide shortly afterward.

    Mobile Suit History

    • AMX-003 Gaza-C [Zeta Gundam]
    • AMX-004 Quebeley [Zeta Gundam/Gundam ZZ]

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