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I've been seeing the adverts for this for a little while over here, today I finally decided to get one, the thought of a classic McDonald's burger featuring fried onions sounded very appealing to me. Man, I don't think I could have been any more disappointed with it.

I'm not usually fussy when it comes to fast food, I tend apply something akin to Mick Dundee's approach to eating reptiles, but after only taking a few bites, I simply had to walk back to the restaurant and ask for another. Not only was the burger drenched in burger sauce rendering the minuscule number of fried onions completely useless (easily two servings from the squeezer), but the burger sauce also tasted like fucking Fillet-o' Fish!, some cunt obviously didn't bother to clean out the squeezer. The other customers around the counter began to have slightly alarmed looks on their faces as I explained my disgust, at how this could happen to such a burger. A total gross-fest, even the second one was nasty, so nasty I ended up feeding it to the flying rats we have here.

Is the 1955 a genuine copy of those sold by McDonald's back in the day, or is it simply a round about [terrible] homage?. As I sat there attempting to eat the second, I thought to myself, how the fuck has McDonald's managed to get as far as they have on the likes of this... I'm sure that question has been asked many times

A bad representation of an American institution, or simply a bad burger?.

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In concept it's fucking great, but the executions of it I experienced could not be more dire - (no stars)

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How anyone enjoys eating anything by McDonald's will always remain a mystery to me.

No offense.

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I applaud your balls.

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I never liked fast food burger joints, I dont want to die from a heart attack as it would belittle the effort Ive put in at bars trying for liver failure.  The Mc Donald's that was in my home town seemed to only ever my populated with children's parties, the elderly and teenagers on a "Date".

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#5 Posted by HandsomeDead (11853 posts) -

How come Montreal has the 1967 burger and the rest of the world has the 1955 burger?

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@HandsomeDead said:

How come Montreal has the 1967 burger and the rest of the world has the 1955 burger?

The '67 Expo in Montreal may have something to do with it. I don't think Canadian's would want to get caught up in the romance some Americans still have for the 50's.

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