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I am not sure how many of you have done the Blazin' Challenge that the restaurant Buffalo Wild WIngs offers, but I started this forum to see how many of you have and if you have I want you to submit a photo of you during or after you've taken "The Challenge" also please report your time. Here are the rules:

The "Blazin' Challenge" is offered at some locations to patrons who can finish 12 of the hottest wings offered (wings covered with Blazin' sauce) in less than 6 minutes. The rules are no drinking of any beverages, no eating other foods (such as ranch, bleu cheese, or celery), and no touching the face. Customers who complete the challenge are eligible to have their name and picture placed on the Blazin' Challenge wall and are eligible to purchase a "Blazin' Challenge" T shirt.

Here's a pic of my brother he finished in 1:20 not bad considering I did it in 4:42, two of my buddies did in 1:40, 2:40 and lil' sis did it in 5:30 (so don't make any excuses cuz if little sis can do it you should too).

1:20 baby
1:20 baby
Oh so delicious!!!
Oh so delicious!!!

I just wanna see the gamers represent! Make all of us proud. Let's try to get the staff at Giant Bomb to go out have a few beers and take "The Challenge" as well I have my money on Jeff.

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