I'm in your city. Where is the best burger?

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#1 Posted by Matthew (2151 posts) -

If you happen to find yourself in Reno, NV, make sure you check out The Wolf Den literally across the street from the University of Nevada, Reno. Also, just north a few blocks is a little bar called Archie's that also has a kick ass burger, and a nifty 50s era diner where you can grab an amazing shake or malt. 
Where are your best burger locales?

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#2 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -

If you find yourself in Redlands, CA, there's a place of Redlands Blvd. that makes a mean chili burger. Freakin messy as hell. Other than that, I always go to Carls Jr for the Big Carl.

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#3 Posted by zombie2011 (5502 posts) -

5 guys.

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#4 Posted by Dawglet (317 posts) -

My Mother's house.

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#5 Posted by Jasta (2246 posts) -

In Scotland, I'd say Frankie and Benny's.

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#6 Posted by iSylence (372 posts) -

Here in Palmerston North, New Zealand probably Burgerfuel.

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#7 Posted by oliver (146 posts) -

sorry yh 
Frankie and Benny's.  in the uk leeds huge ass buger

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#8 Edited by PrivateIronTFU (3858 posts) -

If you're in Seattle, Dick's Drive-In is pretty fantastic. 
But if you happen to be in Mt. Vernon, Washington, The Net Drive In has the best burgers known to man.

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#9 Posted by CandleJakk (778 posts) -
@oliver: Where in Leeds is that? Mah Moods is pretty great for fast food burgers, though. 
Newbury, Berks, UK, a little join called Rio's. Down a tiny alleyway, but open until about midnight, and a huge selection.
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#10 Posted by Venatio (4724 posts) -

Swedish city called Gävle, best burgers are for sale at Max hamburger restaurants 
They're the best by far

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#11 Posted by hockeymask27 (3696 posts) -
@Dawglet said:
" My Mother's house. "
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#12 Posted by Fruitcocoa (665 posts) -

Here in Sweden, go to any Sibylla and you'll get the most perfectly smeariest and fatast burgers you'll ever eat. And that in a very, very good way. 

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#13 Edited by oliver (146 posts) -
@CandleJakk:  kirkstall road near the vue cinema they cost alot but they relly nice mah moods nea uni? they good
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#14 Posted by Pezen (2142 posts) -
If you're in Seattle, Dick's Drive-In is pretty fantastic.
Is that the place on cap hill with the awesome fries? Was ages ago I was in Seattle but I remember those fries and as I recall on the same street was a place called Charlie's (or something like that) that had pretty tasty burgers.
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#15 Edited by CandleJakk (778 posts) -
@oliver: Wish I'd known that last year when I lived right by Vue Kirkstall. If it's worth a three mile cross-city walk, I may consider it though. Yeah, The MahMoods near the uni is great. Taste better than Burger KIng/Mc Donalds and cheaper too.
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#16 Edited by Fruitcocoa (665 posts) -
@oliver said:

" @CandleJakk:  kirkstall road near the vue cinema they cost alot but they relly nice "

Burger rule no 1. There is no prize too high for a great burger

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#17 Posted by OldGuy (1669 posts) -

1 - Oh, hey, look... it's THIS thread again.
2 - C'mon over for the 1/2lb burger (Homemade bun, "secret" sauce, cheese optional, pickle on the side, fresh cut thick fries [think chips UK folks]) at my house.

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#18 Posted by oliver (146 posts) -
@CarlSmith: ahaha ture
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#19 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, no question.
I can't think of a single good non-chain burger joint in my area. But Five Guys has some of the best burgers I've ever had.

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#20 Posted by DrHawking (218 posts) -

It is a crime to visit Atlanta without eating at  The Vortex in Midtown.

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#21 Edited by yoctoyotta (584 posts) -
@PrivateIronTFU said:

" If you're in Seattle, Dick's Drive-In is pretty fantastic. "

I'm really excited for the Dick's coming to Edmonds just a couple miles from my house. They're ultimately pretty cheap shit though. It's all about their fries and shakes. I actually used to operate the machine that pressed all of their burger patties at MacDonald Meat Company down in SODO. 
My favorite burgers in Seattle are at Lunchbox Laboratory in Ballard on 15th Ave. So good, it's my avatar. Red Mill Burgers' Blue Cheese Bacon is pretty great too, slightly cheaper than LL, and their onion rings are uniquely delicious.
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#22 Posted by yoctoyotta (584 posts) -
@Aus_azn said:
" Five Guys Burgers and Fries, no question.  I can't think of a single good non-chain burger joint in my area. But Five Guys has some of the best burgers I've ever had. "
Five Guys just opened in my area, I'm pretty impressed. I like their burgers a bit more than similar chains like Fat Burger. And the amount of fries they throw in the bag is crazy.
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#23 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1810 posts) -

In Glasgow, it's probably ketchup on Ashton lane. They offer a varied selection of pretty chunky burgers as well as a challenge burger with the opportunity to get your picture on the wall of fame. I suggest checking out the Uni while your at it, since your essentially on University avenue.

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#24 Posted by RVonE (4993 posts) -

When you're in Amsterdam, go to De Bekeerde Suster.
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#25 Posted by BaneFireLord (3218 posts) -

If you happen to be drivin' through Jackson WY, either Billy's Burger's or Burke's chop house is your best bet.

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#26 Posted by FesteringNeon (2276 posts) -
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#27 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

Big Momma's, I've never eaten there but it says World's Best Burger on the sign so it must be good.

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#28 Posted by Jothel (1017 posts) -

tonbridge in england and depressingly probably mcdonald's

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#29 Posted by Skytylz (4136 posts) -

A grocery store, I've never had a hamburger at a resteraunt as good as one you  make at home.  Probably because we have excellent beef in central Nebraska.

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#30 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

If you are anywhere along the Wasatch Front, I suggest you eat at JCWs. Very good burgers there, especially the Hickory Bacon Burger. However, I'm sure there are other places that are good, but I just finished two hours of homework, so don't expect much out of me right now. 

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#31 Edited by cnlmullen (910 posts) -
@Aus_azn said:

" Five Guys Burgers and Fries, no question.  I can't think of a single good non-chain burger joint in my area. But Five Guys has some of the best burgers I've ever had. "

@zombie2011 said:

" 5 guys. "

I like 5 Guys a lot, but at least where I am it's over 6 bucks for a burger, 3 for fries and 2 for a drink. That's a little rich for my blood, so I stick to Duchess.
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#32 Posted by Vinchenzo (6463 posts) -

Don't know, but I can tell you where the best hot dog is. That'd be Superdawg if you don't want a chain, or Portillo's if you're okay with chain restaurants. Chicago!

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#33 Posted by salad10203 (679 posts) -

Cincinnati,OH just get some Skyline Chili and Cheese Coneys.

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#34 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8881 posts) -


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#35 Posted by JokerSmilez (1375 posts) -

If you're in Calgary, AB, make sure to check out Boogie's Burgers in the Northwest of the city, just outside downtown. By far the best, and they also have a bunch of classic arcade machines. I dare you to try and beat my Ms. Pac-Man score.

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#36 Posted by Dogma (1009 posts) -

If you go to Malmö in Sweden then there is a burger resturant that's called Tusen & 2 (Thousand & 2). They have over 30 kind of burgers (regular, chicken and vegetarian). They are thick and juicy. Want your burger drenched in BBQ or Jack Daniels sauce? They have a burger for that! Want to try something really spicy? They have 3-4 kinds of those. Want a Elvis burger with peanutbutter and stuff? They got that too! It's quite insane how many different types of burgers they serve. You can get a regular cheese and bacon burger with red onions but also some crazy contraption with luxury cheese, honey or awesome sauces or glaze! The french fries are quite nice and chunky too. Can't say good enough stuff about this place! 
Bergsgatan 6 in Malmö is the place to go! ^^

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#37 Posted by ___pocalypse (566 posts) -

When I was younger, my dad and I would go to comic shops in Seattle and we'd always stop at Dick's on the way back. It was awesome. I have a friend that loooooves Red Mill Burgers on Phinney.
(I haven't had a burger in years, IDK what the kids like these days)

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#38 Posted by FirePrince (1793 posts) -

If you are really that desperate, McDonalds.  
Wait.What the hell are you doing here.
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#39 Posted by badwhodo (262 posts) -

In Memphis, TN I would have to go with Dyer's Burgers. (Try the Filthy Diablo)

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#40 Posted by ZmillA (2411 posts) -

go to @OldGuy's house lmao

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#41 Posted by wealllikepie (819 posts) -


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#42 Posted by vilhelmnielsen (1770 posts) -

It's not in town.

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#43 Posted by Rashermon (22 posts) -

If you find yourself in San Mateo CA, go to Swinging Door pub and get a habanero burger. 

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#44 Posted by dragonzord (843 posts) -

We have a 5 Guy's... so that.

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#45 Posted by Sargus (776 posts) -

Five Guys. Next question.

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#46 Posted by thedj93 (1260 posts) -

In Ottawa theres a place called The Works!

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#47 Posted by JeffGoldblum (3851 posts) -

Five Guys Burges and Fries or Kincaid's. Kincaid's is a tad more expensive, but the quality is pretty much the same.

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#48 Posted by gamb1t (1011 posts) -

in n out or killroys out in las vegas thats for sure.

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#49 Posted by SSully (5279 posts) -

Mmmm Top Notch in Chicago, it is located on the south side of the city in Beverly. It is an old Greasy Spoon type joint, but if you want a little slice of heaven order a Chocolate Malt, they make them so think you need a spoon to get through it for the first few minutes, with a King burger and fries. Easily the best burger and fries i have ever eaten.

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#50 Posted by megalowho (1128 posts) -

There's lots of good spots to get a burger in New York City, but the place most people (and me) would point you towards is Shake Shack at Madison Square Park. You'll want to get at least two after waiting on that line, preferably doubles at that. Mmmmm.

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