Strangest topping you've had on a burger

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Now this can be a condiment or an actual topping, so lets hear em and let us know if it was gross or just sounded gross. :P
For me, probably would be Pastrami. Not sure why it was there, but damn it was tasty. I've seen a burger with peanut butter on it, but I wasn't brave enough to try it.

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Only fries. I don't experiment with burgers much. Wouldn't want to ruin a good thing.

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@yevinorion: I'd try a turkey burger with peanut butter.  A lot of Thai food mixes chicken and peanuts together so that might be pretty good.  Not sure about beef though.
I've had a lot of topping but all of them seem pretty standard.  I guess the strangest would be crumbled bleu cheese. 

@TheSilentTruth said:

" Only fries. I don't experiment with burgers much. Wouldn't want to ruin a good thing. "

Your avy = Nyuu/Lucy right?
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Oh boy, I had a burger in Vegas that had STEAK on it. Yes, its true, my mind imploded at first as well.

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Hummus & maybe jizz

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@sickVisionz said:
@TheSilentTruth said:

" Only fries. I don't experiment with burgers much. Wouldn't want to ruin a good thing. "

Your avy = Nyuu/Lucy right? "
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#7 Posted by cancerdancer (333 posts) -

Cherry Cricket here in Denver is famous for cream cheese and freshly diced jalapenos. Best fucking burger I've ever had!

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#8 Posted by KnifeySpoony (1247 posts) -

Probably pineapple. Believe I had mushrooms once as well.

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in new zealand i had a burger from fergburger called the bun laden, that had falafel patties, dressed with a lemon yoghurt and a chipotle chili sauce, avocado, aioli and all the trimmings in it. 
it wasn't very nice, but i tried some others and fergburgers are the best burger chain in the entire world.

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#10 Posted by MonetaryDread (2765 posts) -

a half pound of fried cheeze

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I know TGIF used to have the cheesy bacon cheeseburger which has mozzarella sticks on it.  Not really strange, but it was delicious.

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Beetroot, I guess? My Dad actually likes it on his as do a few people down here but I never really understood why.
I've had pineapple in a burger before which was strange too. A fried egg might be considered strange as well but I actually like that one from time to time.

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Beetroot and cheese on a beef burger. It works surprisingly well.

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@cancerdancer said:
" Cherry Cricket here in Denver is famous for cream cheese and freshly diced jalapenos. Best fucking burger I've ever had! "
I live in Denver and I must say even though i've never heard of Cherry Cricket that sounds like it could be good.
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The most epic hamburger topping i've ever had would have to be a chicken burger  in the form of the McGangBang

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A Pineapple. It doesn't work IMO. Especially if its cold. Its a sharp contrast to the warm/hot burger. Pineapple is passable on a pizza but not in a burger.

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#17 Posted by SneakyPenguins (275 posts) -

peanut butter

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Here's a surprise probably, I've never had a hamburger or a cheeseburger or any variation.

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Pineapple, peanut butter, and teriyaki sauce. It was this small diner in Menomonie, WI and on the menu was the "Yuck Burger" It was really damn good, the pineapple was grilled, and it was a peanut butter/sauce blend.

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Vinegar.  I experiment a lot with burgers, and this was probably the strangest idea for a topping I've had.  It wasn't bad, but a little splash of Italian dressing is quite a bit better.  You can make a pretty damn good sauce for burgers using vinegar, mayo, and dill relish mixed well. 
I'm also really fond of grilling burgers with a little bit of Louisana wing sauce at about the same time you'd normally add cheese.  It gets me some strange looks, but honestly, it's amazing, especially with a pineapple ring or the usual condiments. 
I'd love to try the afore-mentioned cream cheese and jalepeno burger.  That would be right up my alley.
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Sweet n' Sour sauce.  A surprisingly good combination.

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Foie gras. Delicious.

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Pineapple, I guess, but it was tasty. In my mind, the strangest burger topping is mayonnaise, because fuck mayonnaise.

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I like pineapple on my hamburgers.

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Hmm, nothing too exotic but a fried egg is always a good choice but I guess it's getting more commonplace now. 

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I have never eaten a burger with anything more than just ketchup on it (I've bitten into such burgers, but never proceeded to swallow any of it).  So ketchup kind of is by default.

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A fried egg and it was delicious.

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Never had anything that strange but the most adventurous was probably an avocado. 

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Burgermeister near where I live has a Tropical Burger on which they put pineapple and mango salsa. It's actually a little underwhelming, sadly. They also have a teriyaki burger that's much better, but I'm definitely gonna have to try that cream cheese/jalepeno pepper one. That sounds incredible.

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The weirdest topping I have ever had on a burger was an egg, and It was quite delicious.

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