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Ok people, so far we've only posted about where to get a good burger.

But what about actually MAKING your own perfect burger?

I must not be the only one who loves to cook so lets post our recipies. The only twist to it is that it must be a recipe video game related.

So I'll start this up by posting my...

KOTOR Spicy hamburgers

For The Patties:
500g ground beef
100g chopped ham
4 pinches ground coriander
4 pinches paprika powder

1 half onion grated or finely chopped

a little pepper, fresh ground is better
a little salt

Mix all this in a bowl and form up patties. Grill them. Of for a little bit of oompf, fry them in a pan.

For the sandwiches:
Onion rings
Avocado (gives a greenish alien look to the
sandwich and it's really good)

KOTOR Secret Sauce
A little sour cream

Mix as much as you like of every spice and condiment and put that in your buns. The bread ones.

For a little Dark Side style, add a little Force Push with some cayene pepper.

So there! Post your recepies people!

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