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Great Co-Op adventure - solo

Hamilton's Great Adventure is a really addictive piece of code.  Puzzle game with Indiana Jones vibe and quite innovative gameplay.
Story is not really important. We have gramps talking with granddaughter about one of his great adventures during youthful years. Whole back story is shown through nice sideshows with some jokes and sound bites. Our hero found important part of some kind machine but it was stolen. He had to go in weirdest places like Himalayas and Amazon Jungle to find this magical equipment. But our Hamilton is newer alone. He teams up with Sasha - a bird. To make mixture complete we get many H.P Lovecraft references .
If you are not sold yet we have to go for the best part - gameplay. Every level is some sort of puzzle labyrinth filled with monsters and traps.  Our goal is to get golden key and use it on gate at the end of map.  Some platforms are destructible so we can use them only once. Plus there are couple types of traps like quicksands and jumping goats and to make all more interesting - monsters.  During our exploration we use Sasha - she collects magic dust and switches lever for us. On Pc version we use mouse to order her around. Most challenging part of the game is to collect all treasures on level to get the awesome Excelsior rating.
Graphic is pretty cool with nice colorful vibes from snowy mountains to deep Indy jungle with Aztecan statues. Since we spend most of the time in isometric view  we may lose many of details of the world. Sound is also top. No dialogs just voices in that classic Nintendo style. Some music with that chilling vibe during levels.
The worst part of the game is the camera control on keyboard. Its hard to concentrate on traps while pressing buttons to zoom in and rotate camera. I bet the second analog stick is suited way better for this game.
Hamilton's Great Adventure is really nice piece of game. Sometimes frustrating and definitely  challenging puzzle game. All I can do is recommend it and go back to levels I have not mastered yet/

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