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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 19, 2009

    Pilot your steampunk flying machine equipped with medieval weaponry and flail around recklessly in an attempt to bludgeon your opponent to death. There's also a story mode, but the meat and potatoes of this game are the arena battles.

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    Hammerfight is a 2D physics based action game set in a medieval steampunk universe. It was sold in the Humble Indie Bundle 3, with a separate PSP Minis release.


    After the destruction of his people, the last of the Gaiar, once the ruling house, is sold into slavery. When he regains his freedom, he joins a tournament in order to seek revenge on the nobles that were responsible for the deaths of the other Gaiar. At multiple points in the story the player is given the ability to choose between two different dialogue options which changes the outcome of the story and gives access to different missions.


    Hammerfight is played by using the mouse to pilot a small ship which can equip a variety of weapons. The weapons consist of different hammers, swords, axes, flails, and firearms. They are attached to the center of the ship and pivot around it as the player moves. Basic swings are made by moving the ship in circles to get the weapon to rotate around the ship. Force of impact and its location the opponent help determine the damage of the blow, requiring the player to reach the optimal position while retaining the weapon's momentum.

    There are 6 modes that can be accessed from the main menu. They can all use the same save so weapons unlocked in one mode can be used in another.

    While combat is the main focus of the game, there are several one-off missions in the story that use the game mechanics differently. These include objectives such as hitting a falling boulder as high in the air as possible, destroying baskets as they are being thrown towards you, and launching a flail to destroy hanging baskets then flying over to catch it before it falls.


    1. Solo - This is the basic story mode where other modes are unlocked.
    2. Hall - The armory is accessed here so you can set your loadout for the other modes.
    3. Grim - Waves of creatures must be fended off for as long as possible.
    4. Arena - The player must fight off increasingly difficult enemy ships. It is similar to most of solo mode.
    5. Hammer Ball - A simple game where the player and an A.I. team try to hit a ball into their team's goals.
    6. Tribal Wars - A large two team battle where the player must destroy the opposing team's flying worms.


    2008 Independant Game Festival - Nominee for Seumas McNally Grand Prize

    2008 Independant Game Festival - Nominee for Excellence in Visual Art

    System Requirements

      • OS: Windows 98SE / ME / XP / Vista
      • Processor: Athlon / Pentium III 2 GHz
      • Memory: 256 Mb
      • Graphics: DirectX 8.0 compatible with 64 Mb VRAM
      • DirectX®: 8.0
      • Hard Drive: 150 Mb
      • Sound: DirectX 8.0 compatible

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