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    Hana Tsu Vachel

    Character » appears in 4 games

    A female mercenary protagonist who stars in the game Fear Effect and its sequel Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix

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    Fear Effect

    At the beginning of the game Hana arrives in Hong Kong along with fellow mercenaries Royce Glas and Deke DeCourt. The three are looking to find and kidnap Wee Ming Lam, the missing daughter of a Hong Kong triad boss known as Mr. Lam, so that they can hold her for ransom. Wee Ming disappeared into the Shan Xi protectorate, an area in which Hana used to work in a brothel. When Hana and her two accomplices attempt to execute their kidnap operation it is discovered that Mr. Lam's wealth and power is due to the fact that he made a pact with demons long ago and Wee Ming is of demonic descent and intended to be a sacrifice to Yim Lau Wong, King of Hell.

    In trying to recover Wee Ming from the brothel Hana formerly worked in, Deke is killed and Glas has his arm cut off and is captured. Hana storms into the brothel and confronts her former boss Madam Chen who is revealed to be a demon herself. Hana kills Chen and her henchmen but Mr. Lam disappears into a portal to hell with Wee Ming and Hana pursues in an effort to save her. In hell Hana meets Yim Lau Wong who explains that hell has become overburdened with the souls of the guilty and that once Wee Ming has been returned to hell, hell can be expanded to consume the Earth. He says that he chose Hana to look after Wee Ming as he wished for a "ruthless" protector.

    At a crucial point Glas returns with intentions to kill Wee Ming, believing her to be the source of the chaos so far and this results in a standoff between Hana and Glas. The player is given the choice of whether Hana or Glas dies and the choice made affects the final boss and the ultimate ending. If the player is playing on hard difficulty they may select an ending option in which Hana and Glas emergence from the rubble of the brothel alive and the three walk off into the sunset with a now revived Deke.

    Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix

    Fear Effect 2 acts as a prequel to the original game and shows Hana as working alongside her partner and love Rain Qin. In the first chapter of the game Hana and Rain infiltrate a building via its sewer ducts in an effort to obtain a cure for a virus that is wiping out hundreds. Rain is captured, however Hana manages to defeat her captor and rescue Rain, although the two narrowly evade a blast triggered by the man after the rescue. Hana and Rain split up at this point and Hana infiltrates a party in the building, disguised as a guest. Hana manages to steal the hair of a doctor to help her obtain the cure and duplicates its genetic information. Eventually the two leave complete their mission and leave the building undetected.

    Hana later goes on to meet Deke and Glas and the three become companions.

    Fear Effect: Inferno

    While only so few story elements were revealed before its cancellation, Hana was at least shown to have been captured and kept in some sort of mental asylum run by demons as a patient. Her friend Deke had also managed to disguise his way in as an Orderly to try and save Hana.


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