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The Hanar homeworld is Kahje, which is 90% water and is home to several Prothean ruins. The Hanar have based their religion off of the now extinct species, and refer to the Protheans as the "Enkindlers". 
Many years in the past, the Hanar discovered the Drell, who were in desperate need of assistance due to the overpopulation of their homeworld and lack of resources. The Hanar rescued several thousands of Drell and transported them back to Kahje where they integrated well within the society. Since then, they have frequently employed these Drell as assassins due to their deficiencies of movement on land. 
The Hanar have both a "face name" and a "soul name". The face name is used as a general name for those that they are not familiar with, while the soul name is often poetic and is used by family and close friends. They refuse to speak in first-person to strangers and often refer to themselves as "this one" or "it". 

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