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Hanjuku Eiyuu: Aa Sekai Yo Hanjuku Nare ("Soft-Boiled Hero: Let the World Become Soft-Boiled") is the second game in the Hanjuku Eiyuu series (and the first for the Super Famicom) of real-time strategy RPGs set in a comedic fantasy universe. The player must defend their nation from aggressive nearby kingdoms by creating units and sending them out to defeat rival armies. It is also possible to hatch stronger monsters from eggs to assist the player's armies.

The series' comedy often hinges on parody humor, and Aa Sekai Yo Nare is no exception: several of the egg monsters that the player hatches are spoofs of Final Fantasy IV characters (from another Square franchise).

The game was originally released on the Super Famicom, though an updated WonderSwan Color version would later be released with additional creatures to summon and a graphical overhaul.

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