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    The most prominent among the ape-like Vanara, Hanuman is a skilled warrior who helps Rama, an avatar of Vishnu, rescue his wife Sita from the villain Ravana in the Hindu epic Ramayana. He remains a highly revered figure to this day.

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    Hanuman is a half-man, half-monkey character from the Indian Hindu mythological epic, the Ramayana, dating back to approximately the 5th century BC. Hanuman is a very well known character across South & Southeast Asia.

    Hanuman is regarded as the inspiration behind the mythological character Sun Wukong, from the Chinese epic Journey to the West. In turn, Sun Wukong was the inspiration behind the character Son Goku, from the Dragon Ball franchise of Japanese manga, anime, and games.

    In video games, Hanuman most often appears in the Megami Tensei franchise of role-playing games.


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