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    Hanzo Hattori

    Character » appears in 59 games

    Hanzo is a powerful Ninja who leads the Iga ninja clan.

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    Hattori Hanzo is based on the historical figure of the same name, a Tokugawa Ninja and leader of the clan Iga. He is married with Kaede (A Koga Ninja) and is a friend of Jubei (a Tokugawa samurai), both also based on the historical figures.

    He leads his clan mostly in assassination missions. He is also one of the few Samurai Shodown characters to appear in every game.

    Hanzo's Ninjutsu

    • Hattori Hanzo uses mostly the mystical aspect of ninjutsu, using techniques such as teleportation, creating illusions.
    • In later games, he shows more use of the bone-breaking grappling.
    • He uses projectiles such as shurikens or bombs.
    • He is slightly slower than Galford, but stronger.
    • His element is fire.

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