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    Hard Corps: Uprising

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 16, 2011

    Developed by Arc System Works, Hard Corps: Uprising is the spiritual sequel to Contra: Hard Corps available as a downloadable game on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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    Frantic combat
    Frantic combat

    Hard Corps: Uprising is the newest game in the Contra-esque line of run and gun shooters. It utilizes a modern 2.5-D art style, and developer Arc System Works brings an anime influence over from its Guilty Gear and BlazBlue games.

    At CES 2011, Microsoft announced that Hard Corps: Uprising would be the first game of their XBLA House Party promotion starting on February 16th, 2011. Hard Corps: Uprising costs 1200 MSP on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Two additional characters, gamertag pictures, wallpapers, and avatar outfits make up the downloadable content.


    The two main game modes are Arcade and Rising. Both of these can be played co-op locally or through Xbox Live.


    Plays like a standard side scroller, with limited lives and continues while working your way through the levels in sequence.


    This adds some RPG mechanics, allowing you to upgrade your characters with points earned during gameplay. Levels can be replayed over and over as you try to obtain higher ranks and earn more points to upgrade your skills and weaponry.


    The year is 2613, and an empire known as The Commonwealth controls everything. When there's an empire, there's usually a resistance, and that's where the player comes in. The emperor Tiberius must be overthrown.


    Bahamut - A former Commonwealth soldier is now an elite member of the resistance. He leads the uprising

    Krystal - A young member of the resistance loses her home to the Commonwealth. She joins Bahamut looking for revenge.

    Harley Daniels (downloadable content) - A loyal comrade of Bahamut's. He's into bikes and Elvis hair.

    Sayuri (downloadable content) - A mysterious samurai whose intentions are unknown.


    Weapon are picked up throughout each stage. Two weapons can be held at at time, and repeatedly picking up the same icon upgrades your current weapon.

    Standard Gun - Your base weapon. Slow rate of fire and not much damage is dealt.

    Machine Gun - A fast, yet low powered weapon that rips through infantry.

    Spread Shot - The classic Contra gun makes half the screen a kill zone for enemies.

    Crash Gun - A short range grenade launcher that does devastating damage.

    Heated Plasma - Has a short range attack that can be charged up by holding the fire button. The charge shot works wonders against bosses.

    Ripple - Fires a short wave that hits hurts enemies and deflects bullets.

    Chain Laser - Bounces off walls and cuts through enemies.


    Plenty of new "actions" have been added that make HC: Uprising a decidedly fast-paced Contra.

    Dash - Hit a bumper to speeds up your character and allow you to speed run through levels.

    Tackle - When Dashing, press B next to certain objects to send them flying.

    Vault - When Dashing, press B next smaller obstacle to hop over them

    Dodge - When Dashing, press B next to bullets to duck under them.

    Bullet Reflect - While standing, press B when smaller projectiles are nearby to deflect them back at the enemy.

    Ambush - Press B next to smaller enemies to sneak behind them.

    Mid-air Dash - Dash in mid-air to for added control while jumping.

    Double jump - Hit jump while jumping to... jump again.

    Konami Code

    The Konami code returns! During the loading screen of the first stage, hit Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. If you hear "Let's Rock," you'll be treated with a sweet metal remix of the first stage theme from the original Contra. Other uses of the code have yet to be found.


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