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    Hard Drivin'

    Game » consists of 23 releases. Released 1989

    Atari's polygonal arcade racer, later adapted for consoles by Tengen.

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    Hard Drivin' is a first-person racing game developed by Domark, Binary Design and Tengen for the arcade. The game was primarily published by Atari and released in February 1989. Ports for the Genesis, Lynx, NES and various PC systems were released in the following years.


    The original arcade game features a full sit-down cabinet, complete with an early force feedback enabled steering wheel. Races include many A.I. opponents, which are spread around the track sparingly after the race start. Lap counts are typically two, consisting of many stunt obstacles such as loops and jumps, forcing the player to measure their speed at certain times to not overshoot a landing ramp, or lose momentum through a loop. If the player finishes in a top position, they are given an extra one-on-one race against the "Phantom Photon".


    The game was a substantial improvement in polygonal gaming, as most popular arcade racers of the time utilized animated 2D sprites rather than a 3D wire-frame environment. The player's vehicle strongly resembles a Ferrari Testarossa, which was a very popular sports car at the time of development. Traffic, A.I. opponents, and the fast-paced arcade music endemic to the late 1980s, are featured throughout Hard Drivin'.

    Hard Drivin' was the first arcade driving game to feature instant replay, which repeats the last several seconds of gameplay following a crash, in an elevated third-person perspective. The instant replay has its own specific musical accompaniment.


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