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Hard Truck Apocalypse is set in post-apocalyptic Europe, in which the main character sets out on a quest to avenge his father who was killed by raiders. The end of the world was brought about by nuclear war, as an effect of the radiation everyone wears masks. Through out the game the player will choose which factions to oppose and which to support as he seeks to avenge his fathers death. The player will travel across European countries in a variety of trucks whom he can upgrade with various parts and performance enhancing devices as well as many types of standard firearm weapons to high tech plasma, energy and explosive weapons. 

 A map of post-apocalyptic Europe.
 A map of post-apocalyptic Europe.

Each truck has a number of statistics such as speed, hull, fuel tank and carry space. The hull is a statistic that determines the condition of a truck, when it reaches 0 by taking damage, the truck explodes and the game ends forcing the player to re-load to a previous save. Fuel tanks work very much the same way though fuel is used continually regardless of taking damage. Carry space defines the amount of recourses the player can take with him to sell at another settlement or city, recourses include:

  • Wood
  • Potatoes
  • Scrap metal
  • Bottles
  • Electronics
  • Tobacco
  • Oil
  • Fuel
  • Machinery
  • Books

Each settlement will have different buy/sell prices depending on what materials they need,and what they produce. The player can take up a trader role in the game by buying materials for a low price and selling them for a high one.


The main focus of the game are, as the name suggests, trucks. The player will have a large amount of choice between trucks, as the player progresses through the game he will encounter more and more powerful trucks,some trucks however are exclusive to bandits, ingame trucks: 
  • Van - The players starting truck.
  • Chinch - The weakest enemy you will face.
  • Scout - Low hit points and a high speed.  
  • Cockroach - Low hit points and a high speed.                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Ant - Low hit points and a high speed.
  • Fighter - Moderate hit points and speed.
  • Grasshopper - Moderate hit points and speed.
  • Lorry - High hit points, moderate speed.
  • Hunter - First truck on which you can mount missile launchers. 
  • Belaz - High carrying capacity, high hit points, moderate speed.   
  • Ural - Best available truck. 


The game also features several factions some of whom the player will be forced to support or oppose.
  • Vagabonds - Raider faction. 
  • Adventurers - A group of self interest adventurers who seek excitement and treasure.
  • Felix's gang - A small gang of raiders who the main character wrongly accused of murdering his father.
  • North path traders - A trading faction.
  • Technicians - Group of people who highly value any and all technology.
  • Explorers - People who explore the post apocalyptic world for lost technology and locations.
  • Children of Iron - Are a group of fanatics who worship technology and build their settlements from iron. A complete opposite from the Druids.
  • Druids - A faction devoted to the worship of nature.
  • Steel Giants - Raider faction.
  • Farmer's Union - A union the main character's father was a part of.
  • Nomads - Raider faction.
  • Free Traders Alliance - A trading faction.
  • Brigade - A faction who are centered around their trucks.
  • Commonwealth of Independent Towns - The enemy of Crimson dawn with whom they are in war with.
  • Crimson Dawn - The Enemy of Commonwealth of Independent Towns lead by a charismatic and tyrannical leader.
  • Oracle's Disciples- A faction that serves the oracle.

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