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Basic Information

Harle  is a minor antagonist who accompanies Lynx around the world of Chrono Cross, and often helps him out with his evil plans. She is dressed like a harlequin, and this has symbolic meanining within the game. In the English version of the game Harle’s dialogue is written with a French accent, and she sometimes uses French words. At the beginning of the game Harle often appears and flirts with Serge, she also tends to interfere with the plans of the party. In battle Harle has an innate color of black, and throws what appear to be stones at the enemy.


Early on in the game Harle works with Lynx, but never acts truly evil. Once Serge and Lynx switch bodies she joins Serge, and calls him monsieur Lynx. Once Serge regains his real body Harle leaves the party. She is seen for the final time inside Chronopolis when Serge fights FATE. Harle tells Kid that she should not take the Frozen Flame, and leave it where it is. Kid takes the Frozen Flame anyways, because she believes that Harle is still working against them. Once the Frozen Flame is removed it breaks the seal put on the six dragons and allows them once again to fuse into the extremely powerful dragon god (The Time Devourer). At this point Harle takes the Frozen Flame, and is never seen again. Later in the game when the party meets Balthazar the time prophet (From Chrono Trigger) he tells them that Harle was the Dark Moon Dragon. She was created by the six dragons during the storm 18 years prior that shut down FATE momentarily. Her purpose was to spy on Lynx, and find a way to release the seal put on the six dragons. Harle had a change of heart, and tried to prevent the Dragon God from being resurrected, but her efforts failed. It is suspected by many that Harle is the dark reflection of Kid, but the truth about her is never revealed. One of the endings of Chrono Cross shows that Harle did not fuse with the other dragons to create the dragon god.

How to recruit 

 Harle automatically joins the party in Sprigg's Dimensional Vortex, however she leaves when Serege and Lynx regain their original bodies. 


Moon Beams - Acquired at star level 3. Harle jumps in front of the moon and shoots crescents at all enemies.
Moon Shine - Acquired at star level 19. Harle ups the magic defense of the whole party.
 Lunalrectic - Acquired at star level 25. Harle creates a lunar eclipse, which damages all enemies. 

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