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Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders is a 3D cruiser motorcycle racing game developed by Sega's AM1 division and released by Sega for arcades (using their Sega Model 3 hardware) on December 1997 (in Japan) and January 1998 (worldwide).

In the game, players ride one of five models of Harley-Davidson cruisers around a recreation of Los Angeles, California. In each play session, they must drive thorough a random series of checkpoints within the time limit and gain points both by reaching each checkpoint and by collecting tokens scattered throughout the city.

Similar to Sega's earlier Hang-On and Super Hang-On, the game was sold with two cabinet styles: Standard (with a smaller 29-inch monitor and basic handlebar controller that turns) and Deluxe (with a larger 50-inch monitor and a motorcycle replica that leans). As many as four cabinets can be linked together for multiplayer (where players race to earn the most points).


  • Fat Boy (silver FLSTF Fat Boy, driven by Rick)
  • Panhead (yellow FL Panhead 1948, driven by Scott)
  • Dyna Wide Glide (blue FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide, driven by Dave)
  • Sportster (red XL 1200S Sportster 1200 Sport, driven by Anne)
  • FXRP (white FXRP, driven by Suzy)

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