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    Harman Smith

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    The wheelchair-bound schizophrenic assassin and lead character of the game Killer7. Harman Smith has seven split personalities: Garcian, Dan, KAEDE, Kevin, Coyote, Con and Mask de Smith. He utilizes them to assassinate assigned hits.

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    Harman is the head of the Killer7 syndicate, a group of assassins who have been called upon to eliminate the "Heaven Smile".

    He was a principal of school that Emir Parkreiner attended but behind that facade he was working for Japanese government. He created political group that was schooling future terrorists on US soil.


    • His young incarnation is playable in Killer8 mode.
    • Used to shoot with Tommy Gun but in later years choose anti-tank rifle.
    • He is really good chess player.
    • He is voiced by Dwight Schultz, who is best known as Murdock in the classic 80s TV show The A-Team and Barclay in the other classic TV show, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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