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Not much is known about the alien known as Harrier. What we do know is he fought in 3 wars in the Fantasy Zone (sometimes referred to as the Fantasy Land) universe.

– In the space year 6221, Harrier went to war against the demon Absymbel to defend the Land of Dragons in the game Space Harrier.

– 5 years later, in the year 6226, he returned to the Fantasy Zone to free Euria*, the White Dragon from the clutches of Dark Uriah.

– And finally, in the year 6236, Harrier answers a call for help, this time from the 214th sector, light-years from his cruiser. It is here he encounters the Dark Harrier - a being who possesses the same powers as Harrier himself!

Harrier possesses the super human ability to run incredibly long distances at break neck speeds - without the need for hydration. He can also achieve flight with the help of his cannon weapon and run through explosions unscathed.

*Fun Fact: Euria is the same dragon you ride on in the bonus round of the original Space Harrier.


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