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Doesn't do the license justice...

I really wanted to like this game; I did. Despite reading rather sub-par reviews, I decided to land $50 on this game and I felt disappointed with my purchase. This will appeal to Potter fans (like me), but not really anyone else. On the positive side, Hogwarts is rendered beautifully, even for the Wii, and it is all explorable. Unfortunately, this is why the game fails as well. The NPCs task you to run around the whole school dozens of time throughout the course of the game finding stupid items and doing middling tasks. The controls in this game are also unresponsive. Having both a Wii and 360, I chose to buy this version because of the promise of "cool" motion-control. Maybe I should have bought the Xbox version. Placing paintings on walls and moving cogs around in a clock are damn near stress and explicit inducing when moving the remotes a half-inch the wrong way sends the pieces flying across the room, being followed by a sometimes nausea-inducing camera that will spin in circles if you remote is moved a different way. 

The control is just annoying and the gameplay is the same thing over and over again. Only serious Potter fans apply here

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