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    Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released Oct 28, 2003

    Fly through the air on a broom as Harry and friends while playing the wizarding world's favorite sport, Quidditch.

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    Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup is based on the fantasy sport Quidditch, set in the Harry Potter universe. The game plays largely off of the Quidditch World Cup depicted in the fourth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. After a series of training exercises the player starts the game's campaign at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where they can choose to play as one of the four school house teams; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Upon the completion of the school cup the winning team is awarded by Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, with a trophy and tickets to the Quidditch World Cup. From here on out the player no longer uses the Hogwarts house teams but instead uses the World Cup teams.
    The player can choose between the USA, England, France, Germany, Nordic, Japan, Australia, and Spain teams to use in the world cup and can unlock the Bulgaria team. There are four brooms available with the Comet 360 unlocked at the start of the game and the Nimbus 2000, Nimbus 2001, and Firebolt brooms unlocked after the player obtains 15, 35, and 50 Quidditch Cards respectively. The collectable Quidditch Cards are obtained by completing certain tasks in the game such as performing a certain number of passes or achieving a certain number of combos.
    In addition to the campaign mode there is also a split-screen multiplayer mode and connectivity with the Game Boy Advance.


    The gameplay in the game is relatively simple, most of the gameplay revolves around controlling one of three 'chasers' who carry the main ball, the quaffle. When another chaser is ahead of the chaser you are controlling the quaffle can be passed to them and when you are near an opposing chaser holding the quaffle they can be tackled to steal the quaffle from them.
    There are three hoops at each end of the pitch which act as goals and if the player can shoot the ball through one of the opponent's hoops without the keeper guarding the goal catching it they will earn ten points. Each team also randomly receives a special move with they can use to tackle the ball from opposing chasers over a distance or when near the goal to score points, bypassing the keeper. Each team also receives a number of 'bludger' power-ups throughout the match which let the player control a ball which can be flown into opposing chasers to make them drop the quaffle.

    There are two 'golden snitch' meters at the top of the screen which fill when players make goals and drain when one of their players are hit by bludgers. When one the golden snitch meters completely fills each player takes control of their respective 'seeker' and chases after the golden snitch. Each player's golden snitch meter becomes a boost meter which can be utilised to boost ahead while chasing the snitch. The boost meter can be refilled by staying in the golden stream the snitch leaves behind and players can also speed up by flying directly behind the opposing player. Whichever seeker manages to catch the snitch first gains one-hundred and fifty points, the game will then end.

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