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#1 Posted by bigevil1987 (304 posts) -

Anyone duders checking this game out? Thought we’d get a friend code exchange going maybe.

Here’s mine: 1088 7492 1264

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#2 Edited by Sahalarious (802 posts) -

8405 9774 6734 went to mMohegan Sun and it was full of confoundables!

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#3 Posted by finnyfrock11 (14 posts) -

Here's mine: 1584 2512 8876

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#4 Posted by MeatsofEvil (175 posts) -

I've been playing quite a bit, almost level 11 right now. It seems friends don't have much functionality right now outside of some benefits if you do fortresses locally.

I am excited to see where they take the mechanics in this, it has some decent enough ideas. Prestiging your registry pages to gain more exp per trace in that page is kinda cool.

Anyways, here's my code

0709 3974 3466

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#5 Edited by Savutano (189 posts) -

Always down, I'm almost 11 as well. Gotta get my dailies done! These SOS Assignments, mysteries and special events are so intriguing as well.

4627 4876 5828

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#6 Posted by Xtrminatr (282 posts) -

I am level 11, NY area. 3432 6354 1025 is my friend code.

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#7 Edited by Jovanny23 (103 posts) -

AZ Level 24 if u have any questions about the game please message me I can definitely help my fellow wizards here is my code: 240979140337

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#8 Posted by Goku13K (71 posts) -

In Winnipeg, MB lvl 20

4096 5042 0298

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#9 Posted by Artimisticus (56 posts) -

Philadelphia area: 1474 6910 2601

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