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Harry Tipper is a secret agent from the 70's who has main big appearances in the story lines of TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect.

Following are his in game descriptions in both TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

The TimeSplitters 2 bio reads:

The crimebusting skills of ex-New York vice cop Harry Tipper are now employed in the fight against international supervillains. This time he's got a license to chill - Nice tux, Harry!

The TimeSplitters: Future Perfect bio reads:

Very special agent Tipper. Licensed to chill and the grooviest cat in town.

The TimeSplitters: Future Perfect bio, for Swinging Tipper, reads:

Harry, or should that be Harriet? I think your mustache is showing - perhaps it needs a trim...


"Right on. Let's go man! We gotta boogie!"
"Hey, space man!"
"Space man!"
"Okay, moon man, I hope you know what you're doing."
"It aint cool stealing a man's girl, man."
"That fat cat there is Khallos!"
"'s just not my color at all..."

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