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    Haru Kiss

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 30, 2015

    A visual novel developed and published by GIGA. The story follows Seto Shuuji who, after witnessing a senior harassing his fellow classmate Yasumi Itsuki, decides to play the role of her boyfriend in order to fend off the harassing senior.

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    Haru Kiss is a visual novel developed and published by Japanese developer GIGA for the PC. The game was released on January 30, 2015 in Japan. It is the second game in GIGA's Kiss series, the first being Hotch Kiss.


    Due to protagonist Seto Shuji's bad grades, he moves in with this cousins Shiraishi Tsubame, a hard working individual, and Shiraishi Aoi, a keep-to-herself manhater. Shiraishi Aoi is in the same class as him, and so she is able to keep an eye on him and help him when he is falling behind on his studies. Shuji one day encounters his classmate Yasumi Itsuki being harassed by a senior, he decided to step in and so begins the story. Shuji and Itsuki both agree to pretend to go out with each other to stop the senior from bothering her.


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