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The second and final Harvest Moon game to be released on Game Boy Colour, it is a direct sequel to Harvest Moon 2. Released only in Japan and later the US, it features a variety of different features that have gone on to become staples of the Harvest Moon franchise, such as multiple animals and horse racing.

It differs from the previous handheld installments in that there are two playable characters, a boy and a girl.



Boy (Pete)

Is invited by Mr. Heinz to help run the farm with the girl character following his successes in Flower Bud Village.


Girl (Sara)

Takes over her fathers farm after travelling for many years. Has no experience in farming but is proficient with animal care.


The boy character from Harvest Moon 2 is approached by a man called Mr. Heinz who informs him of an opportunity to revive a small farm on an island. The farm was originally run by the girl character's father and has since been left in disuse. The girl has taken up ownership of the farm but is inexperienced, and so Mr. Heinz asks the boy to help her.

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