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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is an exclusive Wii title in the Harvest Moon series of farming simulation games that was developed by Marvelous Entertainment.


The power of the Goddess Tree is weakening, and animals are departing from the land. The Harvest Goddess tasks the player with locating and ringing five different bells on the island to summon the Harvest King and restore the area to its former glory.

The action takes place in the area surrounding Harmonica Town, an idyllic seaside community. The town plays host to both the New Year’s Festival and the Summer Festival.


One of the focal points of the game is the abundance of animals that are present. Whilst familiar favourites such as livestock and poultry return, there are also a number of different circus animals such as pandas, raccoons and penguins that can be interacted with. The game also sees the return of silkworms, which were introduced in Tree of Tranquillity, and can be used to produce silk yarn.

The circus animals offer a new element to the gameplay; they can be ridden and taught tricks, and when the circus comes into town the player is tasked with rounding up some of the rarer animals to save the show.


The gameplay is similar to other titles in the series; there is the freedom to grow crops and raise income for the farm, forage for supplies in the surrounding countryside, or head into town to interact with the local residents. There are two new characters to play as, or the player can select one of the characters from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquillity. This choice will have an impact upon both the appearance and personality of the character's children. Unlike many of the other previous Harvest Moon titles, Animal Parade allows the player's character to have two children. The game also makes use of the Wii’s functionality, allowing the player to take pictures of the farm to share with friends.


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