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Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl is another instalment in the farming simulation series that was developed by Marvelous Interactive exclusively for the PlayStation Portable, and received a North American release in 2007.

The game itself is a port of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the original PlayStation, and features all of the same characters and locations. This time around, the game allows the player to control either a male or a female character (previously this option was only available in Japan under the release of the game Harvest Moon For Girls).


The player inherits their grandfather's farm, and is tasked with bringing it back up to standard. The village residents have given the player a limited amount of time to rectify the situation.

If, after three years, the farm is in a state of disrepair or the player has failed to engage with the other villagers, then the player will be asked to leave.


There are a number of different animals that can be reared within the game;


Usually the first form of livestock that are reared by players, chickens form a cheap and easy source of revenue early on in the game. The chicken coop can be extended to increase egg production capacity, and a Mayonnaise Maker allows the player to make even more profit from a single egg. Chickens require a daily feed to keep them content. Chickens and chicken feed can be purchased from the Poultry Farm.


Produces wool that is sheared using clippers. The profitability of the wool can be improved with the purchase of a Yarn Maker that also sits inside the barn. Sheep can be sheared every 7 days, provided that they are content.


Can be milked on a regular basis to generate profit and to produce a number of milk based products and recipes. Cows require daily feeding and brushing to keep them content.

Cows and sheep can be acquired from Barley on Yodel Farm. The player can either purchase hay to feed the livestock, or it can be grown in the fields. The barn can also be extended to increase production capacity for both sheep and cows. Animals can graze outside on fine days.


Once the player has acquired the fishing rod, then fish can be caught and placed into the pond at the farm.


The player’s faithful companion is always pottering around the farm. It can be taught tricks, and entered into the Annual Dog Race in Winter to win prizes.


Obtained from the neighbouring farm early on in the game, the horse resides in its own personal stable. If the horse is not well looked after then the player is required to return it.


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