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    Harvest Moon DS

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 17, 2005

    Help to save the Harvest Goddess, who has become trapped in another world, in the first game of the farm-simulation franchise to appear on the Nintendo DS.

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    Harvest Moon DS is the first installment of the Harvest Moon series to appear on the Nintendo DS console. The game utilized the dual screen feature of the DS by allowing the lower screen to display menu screens; which you can use to do certain things such as navigating through your inventory, while the user can continue playing on the upper screen.

    Inserting your Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town or Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town cartridges allows many surprises to be unlocked on Harvest Moon DS. The game deviates from other games in the series, as the farm is not passed down to the protagonist following the death of his grandfather.


    The story of the game revolves around a magical spirit known as the Harvest Goddess. There has been an ongoing feud involving her and the Witch Princess. Following a heated argument the evil Witch Princess accidentally puts a spell on the Harvest Goddess, turning her into stone, and transporting her to another world. It is up to the game's protagonist to restore her, and this can be done by rescuing Harvest Sprites through completing various tasks. Once at least 60 sprites have been discovered the goddess will be restored, and the protagonist can propose to whomever he desires.

    Gameplay Hint

    Don't litter! Picking up and throwing objects on the ground anywhere in the game (besides throwing fodder into feeding stalls, pet toys, planting seeds, etc.) causes your relationship status to plunge with all characters, and is particularly devastating when trying to woo the bachelorettes of Forget-Me-Not Valley. One of the tutorials shows the protagonist picking up and throwing weeds on the ground, and throwing rocks and branches into a pool of water; these may be easy ways to clean up an overgrown field, but is considered littering by the seemingly omniscient townsfolk.

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