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I've seen both this and the 'improved' girl-sequel come and go at my local game store for around $14 each. Which one is better to start with? The only Harvest Moon game I have really enjoyed was Magical Melody on the GameCube, but I'm currently looking for some portable games to play.

While I'm almost positive the husband thing would be awkward in 'More Friends,' I've heard about certain improvements regarding both dialog and game-play in the second release of the game. Basically, I'm debating whether playing as a girl in the updated version would be worth it.

Anyone have any input as to which version I should pick up?
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I have no idea if bumping your own thread is totally out of line here, but I sorta am looking for an answer sooner rather than later, as my local store has 'More Friends of Mineral Town' in stock and on hold right now, and I'm going to be leaving on a trip in a couple of days.

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