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    Harvest Moon GB

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Dec 19, 1997

    The first Harvest Moon released on a handheld, it follows the story of a young child tasked with reviving their deceased grandpa's farm. A graphically enhanced version was also released on the Game Boy Colour in the US and UK.

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    Released due to the popularity of the Super Nintendo release Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon GB is a sequel/stand alone series that marks the debut of the game on handheld consoles. It is primarily about taking over your recently deceased grandpa's run down farm and restoring it to it's former glory, sharing similarities to the SNES version. The game does not contain a set ending, and instead the player is judged on a yearly basis by the ghost of their grandpa, and given a score which is used to issue rewards and eventually surpass him as the "Ranch Master".

    The Title Screen.
    The Title Screen.

    This handheld version strips away a few features in order to make it suit the portable transition, the dating and marriage elements from the SNES version are removed, as have festivals and the ability to travel between the farm and town via the mountains. There are harvest sprites which will help the player who live below the tool shed in the yard.

    An interesting feature of this version is that you do not manually need to save, it has battery backup and regularly auto saves any progression made. There is a manual save function activated by using the bedside cabinet in the players house.

    There is also the choice of a cat or dog pet, The player can choose from either a dog or a cat as their pet. The player may also choose a female avatar, debuting in this title.


    A year in Harvest Moon GB consists of 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, of thirty days each. Each crop will only grow if planted during the correct month. In addition to crops the player can raise both cows and chickens, which produce milk and eggs, respectively. The goal of all of this is sell the produce in order to afford more seeds, new tools, and food for the pantry.

    On specific days during the year an event will happen, such as a stray horse wandering onto the farm, or the harvest sprites offering to upgrade a tool.


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