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    Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 26, 2008

    The second installement of the Harvest Moon series on the Nintendo DS, this time around using the hardware more appropriately.

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    Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness takes the Harvest Moon series in a whole new direction (aside from Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon). You can either choose to be a guy or a girl who gets shipwrecked with a handful of people on an abandoned island. Finding the remains of a previous settlement, you and your new shipwrecked friends decide to start a new life on the island. The more your farm grows and ships out produce, the more people flock to the island to enjoy its revival.

    The majority of the actions are performed using the stylus and touch screen. Essential motions are drag and drop for equipping tools, shipping items, etc. The game is saved through a diary feature that can be accessed at any point through the main menu. Another new addition to Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness is a visible stamina and fullness bar, as well as using Wonderfuls to upgrade your tools. 

    The game boasts six marriage candidates for either gender, two of which have no rival for your affection. As you get closer to your beau, you'll get to spend some quality time together, known as Heart Events. But if you take too much time to woo your boo, you may witness Rival Events, in which your rival for love shares a special moment with the object of your affection. 
    The game also offers an expanded selection of crops (including several varieties of grains and fruit trees), extensive house upgrades, a larger recipe list, new festivals, and over 100 characters. The online capabilities allow you to chat with a friend while playing, or compete in the weekly online contest to get more Wonderfuls for your tools. 
    Another great addition to the Harvest Moon series, seasoned players should be prepared for a challenge!

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