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    He is kind of the spunky old guy. Also plays the grandfatherly figure and is a tough fighter.

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    Haschel is the 60something-year-old martial arts master who joins Dart and his party in the city of Lohan, while meeting them during a fighting competition. In said competition, Haschel (like Dart) lost to Lloyd. Afterwards, he joins the team, intent on travelling the world while searching for his missing daughter, Claire.

    It is revealed that Haschel is from a coastal martial arts village called Rouge. Some 20 years earlier, Haschel was the Rouge Arts master, teaching worthy warriors some of the best martial arts in the world. His best protoge, his daughter Claire, had an accident during her training, resulting in the unfortunate death of her sparring partner. Shamed and yelled at by her father, she fled the village, much to Haschel's regret. Since, he has travelled the globe hoping to find his daughter.
    After the party reaches Emperor Doel and finishes him off, Haschel is bestowed with the responsibility of being the Thunder Dragoon (the purple-colored theme). His dragoon magics include:

    • Atomic Mind: 50% Thunder damage, single enemy (10 MP)
    • Thunder Kid: 65% Thunder damage, single enemy (20 MP)
    • Thunder God: 75% Thunder damage, single enemy (30 MP)
    • Violet Dragon: 100% Thunder damage, single enemy (80 MP)

    It is also suggested that Haschel is the grandfather of Dart, as Dart's mother was Claire, Haschel's missing daughter. Apparently, nearly 20 years prior to the game's events, she met and married Zieg Feld, Dart's father. They had Dart, and then the Neet incident happened. Her whereabouts after the village's destruction is uncertain. This is never directly stated, but is highly likely, when both Dart and Haschel see Claire in the Moon That Never Sets, seeing their mother and daughter, respectively.

    Haschel, being a martial arts guru, is well-trained in his use of fists. These are his primary weapons in the game, where he uses gloves and knuckles to enhance them. His physical strength is very high, making him one of the better "muscle-bound" characters. His speed is also quite high, making his strength more useful in battle. His additions are also quite simple to complete, perhaps another bonus to his battle skills. His additions are:
    • Double Punch: 1 addition; up to 50 SP
    • Flurry of Styx: 2 addition; up to 20 SP
    • Summon 4 Gods: 3 additions; up to 100 SP
    • 5 Ring Shattering: 5 addition; up to 50 SP
    • Hex Hammer: 6 addition; up to 15 SP
    • Omni-Sweep: 7 addition; up to 150 SP

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