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    Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Mar 06, 2014

    A 2014 entry in the Project Diva series of rhythm games starring the popular vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

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    Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd is the second entry in the Project DIVA series for the PlayStation Vita and PS3. It will be released in Japan on March 27, 2014 and in North America on November 18th, 2014 with a European release on the following 21st. Sega has confirmed that the North American release will see a larger distribution of the physical disc version than was given to the original Project Diva F, and that the Vita version will also see a physical release.

    New Features

    Customizatible GUI skins - Players will be able to skin the play screen with various skins. There are said to be around 20 different designs.

    New Scratch Notes - Previous games had "scratch" notes which reqired the player on PS Vita to swipe the screen and on PS3 flick the analog stick. Two new types have been added W-Scratch or "Double Scratch" makes the player swipe with two fingers on the PS Vita screen when the notes appear. On PS3 flicking both analog sticks will be required. The second type of new note is the "link scratch" which sees one scratch note linked by a line which the player will be required to swipe all notes connected by the line.

    New Challenge Items - Items such as "Cool Master-S" will add extra challenge by making any notes the player hits that isn't "Cool" rating take from your health meter. Other new items such as "Shy Note" will slow down the action on the screen.

    Gameplay showing off the new
    Gameplay showing off the new "link scratch" mechanic.

    Song List

    • Ievan Polkka (Tutorial and Extreme only) by Otomania
    • Melt (メルト) by ryo
    • Akatsuki Arrival (アカツキアライヴァル) by Last Note
    • Packaged by livetune
    • Glory 3usi9 by Nanou
    • Two Breaths Walking (二息歩行) by DECO*27
    • Wintry Winds (番凩) by hinayukki@sigotositeP
    • Love-Hate (スキキライ) by HoneyWorks
    • Clover♣Club (クローバー♣クラブ) by Yuuyu-P
    • Miracle Paint (ミラクルペイント) by OSTER project
    • Pinky Swear (指切り) by Scop
    • Colorful x Melody (カラフル×メロディ) by Team MOER
    • Blackjack by Yucha-P
    • Clockwork Clown (からくりピエロ) by 40mP
    • Thousand Year Solo (DIVA Edit) (千年の独奏歌) by yanagiP
    • Doubleganger (なりすましゲンガー) by KulfiQ
    • Roshin Yukai (炉心融解) by iroha(sasaki)
    • Luka Luka ★ Night Fever (ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー) by samfree
    • Knife by Rerulili
    • Sakura Rain (桜ノ雨) by halyosy
    • This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee (こちら、幸福安心委員会です。) by Utata-P
    • Cantarella ~Grace Edition~ (カンタレラ ~grace edition~) by Kurousa-P
    • SPiCa -39's Giving Day Edition by Toku-P
    • Hello, Worker by KEI
    • Romeo and Cinderella (ロミオとシンデレラ) by doriko
    • I'll Miku-Miku You♪ (For Reals) (みくみくにしてあげる♪【してやんよ】) by ika_mo
    • Meteor (メテオ) by John Zeroness
    • Kokoro (ココロ) by Toraboruta
    • Break It, Break It! (壊せ壊せ) by ELVN
    • Soundless Voice by Hitoshizuku & Yama△
    • Close and Open, Demons and The Dead (結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸) by Hachi
    • Erase or Zero by Crystal-P
    • Double Lariat (ダブルラリアット) by Agoaniki
    • Paradichlorobenzene (パラジクロロベンゼン) by Owata-P
    • Kagerou Daze (カゲロウデイズ) by Jin
    • Two-Sided Lovers (裏表ラバーズ) by wowaka
    • Envy Cat Walk (エンヴィキャットウォーク) by Tohma
    • The World is Mine (ワールドイズマイン) by ryo
    • Decorator by livetune
    • The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku (初音ミクの激唱) by cosMo@bousou-P
    • 2D Dream Fever (二次元ドリームフィーバー) by PolyphonicBranch

    Studio Mode Only

    • Sweet Devil by Hachioji-P
    • Cat Food by doriko
    • Piano x Forte x Scandal by OSTER project
    • Tokyo Teddy Bear by Neru
    • glow by keeno


    Project Diva F 2nd will feature song subtitles in both English and romaji. In comparison, the localization of the original Project Diva F featured romaji subtitles only. Sega is working with the artists to ensure the accuracy of the lyric translations.

    Pre-Order Bonus

    Laundry Bag on the Left, tote bag on the right.
    Laundry Bag on the Left, tote bag on the right.
    • Itsudemo Tote Bag will be packaged with first print of the PS3 version on a First Come First Serve Basis
    • "Todoke, hibike Code" This code acts as a discount allowing users to redeem it either on their PS Vita or PS3 on the Japanese PSN store and receive a discount on the digital version of the game depending on what digital version you want.
    • Dokodemo Laundry Bag will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis to buyers of the Vita version
    • PSVita version will also include a "Deepening Diva Hatsune Miku" Weiss Schwarz card for AR mode to obtain a special DIVA Room item.

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